Coaches Disneyland vs Disney World Meet

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Proud Parent
Sep 30, 2017
Has anyone done both the Disneyland and the Disney World meets? I have been to the Disney World meet as a parent of a boy, but I haven’t done either as a coach. I am trying to find a fun travel meet for my young Xcel group. It will be open to all of my levels and completely voluntary.
Can't comment on ant of the competitions themselves, but some things to keep in mind:

I imagine WDW is a lot more inclusive. You can take magical express from the Orlando airport, stay on one of many many many hotels on property, and use WDW transportation while there.

There isn't a super easy way to get to Disneyland. Flying in to LAX is likely the cheapest, but also a PITA. Orange County or Long Beach are a bit more convenient. There are only two hotels on property: Disneyland Hotel & Grand Californian. They are both within walking distance of both parks. Disneyland use to use the convention center for overflow parking back in the day, so it's walkable from the parks...but it's not a super easy walk. There are many other hotels in the area that are not on property and are likely cheaper. You will likely need a rental car.
Thank you, I have been to both parks many times and my boss’s wife is a Disney travel agent. I can definitely help the parents navigate the Disney part. I just want to take the girls to the best meet. I have spent plenty of money on travel meets for my son. There are some that I feel were great and some that I still can’t believe I spent that much money on for a bad meet. I think the worst was when my 11 year old was put in the 11-18 year old age group as a level 6. I still know how much money I wasted on that.
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