District Championship 2012

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Feb 16, 2012
I had my second District championship, my first one was last year. This competition is the highest to get to in my level in the Netherlands. I do level 7 junior Division 5. I think that is level 6/7 in

The meet overall went quite well. I started on floor, which is my best and favourite event. I also had a new tumbling, roundoff, bhs, back sumersault. My floor went good and i had a 10.550(in the Netherlands have the scoring system as in the elite level) I was surprising 3rd after one event. Then the vault, it went mush better then I thought, i got a 10.85, probably the highest score that I have ever got on vault. I was 4th after 2 events

Then on to bars, I had a blister just above my wrist, caused by my grips. It is almost healed, so it didn't bother me. Bars didn't really go the way I wanted, but it was still good, and I got a 9.233. I dropped to 15th after my bar routine. My last event was beam, which is my best and also favourite event. But it really disappointed me, I fell of twice, really unexpected. I fell on my roundoff and my pirouette. I was really disappointed after my beam routine, and I realised that maybe there a small chance that I would medal on 4th or 5th, but then I thought of how high in competition I had gotten. After the competition I found out that I placed in 18th place, I was really surprised, and more surprised when I saw that i had a 9.7 for my beam routine, but that was probably because I had a difficult routine then other gymnasts. My overall score was 40.333.

So it was my last competition of this season. Next season I will become senior, and it will be a lot harder then this year, I already know that!
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Put district final video in

In my opinion she did really well. Of course I would say that, she is my dd, lol. But last she came 27th out of 36 girls. And now she came 18th out of 36 girls, and that with 2 falls. I will post her video here:


Not sure if it will show, so here is the link:

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