For Parents DIstrict Meet for YG in a year she was only going to "uptrain" / get skills back - Kinda Long

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Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
Ok. At the very beginning of the season, YG decided that she was only going to compete at home meets. She is repeating Xcel Platinum. Due to growth spurts, time off when the gym closed due to Covid ... and only being able to afford 1 "private" every couple weeks when the gym was able to open up for 4 privates at a time ... and when we did get back to practices, they are only 1.5 hours a day x 3 days a week, several of her skills went on vacation.
She has been working on getting them back, but has had pain in her one foot / ankle for a few months. Even last season, it was obvious that she was shaky on beam from the original sprain from 2 years ago that was never fully rehabbed (NOT my decision).
We had a home meet a couple weeks ago. It was just an intersquad, but we had actual judges. Her teammates convinced her to compete (3 of the 4 of them are seniors this year). They also talked her into competing at the District Meet and at Regionals too.

She didn't have the BEST home meet, but she did place 1st on vault. When she finished her beam routine, her dad came over to me. I said "her ankle" and he said he knew. He saw how shaky she was on beam. He said I could make her an appointment with the ortho / sports med.
She had her appointment this past Tuesday afternoon. He wants her to limit pounding. We agreed that AFTER the District meet, she would only do stretching and bars (with no dismounts) until physical therapy evaluates her. They will progress her and add things in as they can.
At practice Tuesday evening, she let her coach know that she had to limit pounding. It was a vault and beam day. The first vault caused some pain, so they decided she wouldn't do any more vaulting. She did some conditioning until it was time to go to beam. On beam, she has been working on her roundoff so she only has to do one acro. She worked it on the low beam with a sting mat over it to minimize the pounding. She was getting close. On the high beam, she worked her cartwheel-cartwheel since it is an softer landing (if she doesn't fall off, lol). She had the coach discussed the plan for Thursday - she would only do a couple tumbling passes and maybe a dance through ... but if any of the passes hurt, she was to stop immediately.
Thursday's practice, HC decided that all 4 groups would do all 4 events to prepare for the meet Saturday instead of YG's group just doing bars and floor. She warmed up her Front Pike (2x) and her ROBHSBT (1x). She also did 1 vault. On bars, she worked on her clear hip and her kip. On beam, she ran routines. She actually landed a roundoff on the high beam for the first time! Practice ended on a good note. :)
Due to covid restrictions, I couldn't go to the meet. She started on the bars. Her score was lower than it was at the home meet, BUT she scored higher than one of her teammates that beat her at the home meet and tied another one. Then she went to beam. She scored 0.65 higher than she did at the home meet. On floor, she scored an 8.850 and 2nd place!!! That was her BEST EVER Floor score as a Platinum (I know because I just went back and checked, lol)!!! It was the highest for her team at this meet. Finally, she went to vault. She scored an 8.800 and 3rd place ... and also the highest score on her team.
I am so proud of her ... for getting out there and trying her best ... for being there for her team ... for shocking herself with how good she did ... and for having fun even with the rough start. HC is proud of her too (and told her so).
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