Parents Do my girls just have HUGE hands??

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Jan 27, 2013
measuring for grips... My 10 year old IS tall for her age. My 12 yo is average to short for her age. They are 4'10.5" and 4'11". So not short at all for gymnasts; but not the tallest girls in the gym either.

So the coach measured them for grips (my 10 yo is getting her first pair, my 12 yo could use a pair of spares and wants to change brands. She used her first pair (english bulldog) for 2.5 years. Right now she uses some French brand (can't remember the name); but they are velcro and she actually wants to go back to buckles (so these would likely swap to being her primaries). Both girls hands from finger tip to hand/wrist meeting (really very edge of hand) are just a hair under 7". I go look at grips and this seems to be the largest size for many brands. I'm nervous as heck to try English Bulldog again because their sizing seems OFF. Their chart says that 7" is clearly a size 2 (up to 7.25"); but one of her teammates ordered some 2s and DD tried them on - too small. But I'm scared to order size 3s considering the chart says that size fits up to an 8" hand.

So... is 7" really just a HUGE hand for kids their size? And... any advice on which grips to get for girls who are under 100 lbs (10 yo is 85, 12 yo is 80); but apparently have large hands? Some of the brands mention weight for their larger grips and the weight they mention is over 100... I would hate for them to have a hard time breaking them in because they are made for girls who are bigger than them.
My 10 year old is 4'10.5" too! Her hands were measured about 8 months ago as a 9 year old for grips, and the measurement was 6 and 7/8 inches. So that is 1/8th shy of 7 inches. Probably has grown a shade since then.

She is wearing the Ginnasta double buckle in Size 2 (says fits 6 1/2 - 6 7/8). They have probably stretched a bit, so even though her hand is probably a shade bigger (may be 7" by now), they still fit. They are the only grips she has tried, so I don't have any other comparison.

But at least you know there is another 10 year old out there with the same size hands! :) I love her long, lovely fingers, personally....
I'm of no help as my 12yo is 4'9" (around 90pounds, no delicate snowflake here) and wears sz1 grips (Bailee). They had to order her and another girl some because they only had 2's and 3's in stock... We don't size girls for grips until minimum L7 when they start swinging a lot of giants.
My YG, age 11.5, just about 5 ft tall and 90 lbs just tried on a pair of Size 3 last night ... think it was US Glove. They fit her. We had them just lying around the house for OG (who ended up hating all grips, lol).
dd is 13, 5'6" 90 lbs L8 and has used pixies for 2-3 years (I can't remember exactly) and then went to hot shot leather cuff double buckles. She measures at a sz 3, but I got a 2 b/c last year she had 1's (jumping 2 sizes scared me despite knowing the 1's had stretched)
She's not here for me to measure, but she was right around 6 3/4-6 7/8".
The hot shot leather cuff double buckles are ok up to 120 lbs.
DD says these let her feel the bar, break in really fast and we have gotten 9 months out of each pair so far, but hers were pretty rough, so I got 2 new pairs for grips A and B using the old ones as back up back up grips.
I found that the Bailies grips you can't go by the sizing chart. My dd is 13 1/2, about 4'11, almost 85 lbs. She wears the beginner dowels because they are super narrow and she likes that. Her hand is 6 3/4" and she's not even on the chart for their sizing, but she wears a small. Go figure. They do stretch out, though. And she goes through them fairly quickly ( 5/6 months, maybe-other girls on her team seem to use theirs for a year or more) but she won't try any other brand.
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