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i'm super bored with the montages and i've decided i really do like doing request.. so i was wondering if anyone had any request??


I'm so glad you asked!!!! My daughter and I just talked about this! We'd love to see a montage of the goofy side of gymnastics. The giggles when someone does something less than lady-like during warm-ups, traveling with friends, work-out hair, ugly leos, chalk divers (girls who cover themselves in chalk), funny falls - the stuff the world doesn't see. It would be nice to show that's its not all just sore muscles and rips. A montage that shows gymnast laughing!!!
Dec 8, 2007
How about one of me? That would be the best montage EVER! haha jk
gymnastmom96 had a great idea!

Everyone always likes the crashes and bloopers though!
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