Do you have certain goals for yourself?

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Dec 8, 2007
Do you have certain goals for yourself? Like a number of times you are going to stick a skill or just skills you want to get? Do you have goals to achieve every practice or every month or every meet or every season?
Or just long term goals?
Mine are goals for like daily life and diving. So I don't know if I'm included in this.

I have a training log book that I actually write my weekly, monthly, yearly, and long term goals in. My coach says if you don't write it down then it isn't a true goal.

I try to think of goals each day.. little things like not balking at all in practice, or getting my arms up. Just a small daily goal helps me get through some rough practices.
I am really big on goal setting. I set goals for each practice, each week(for my regular life), each month(for gym and for life), each season(gym obviously), as well as some long-term goals for life. My pv coach has also helped me come up with my goal for next year, and it has already been keeping me motivated...that and I never want to take 4th at sectionals again, when the top three go to state.
Goal setting

My DD waits until about 2 months after State to see where she is at for the next level and then makes her goals for the year. She has a mix of skills, level advancement, individual level scores and simpler ones like "To get used to my new gym". Pretty interesting, she makes it herself and it makes a lot of sense to her. Goal setting is such an individual thing! Some of the goals look fairly lofty to me (her parent) but last year she obtained all except one (missed by .4 on AA) so what do i know! LOL :rolleyes:
For me, it's easy to set goals for school, gymnastics, and even things like being more patient with some of the girls I teach, focusing more on violin, and interacting better with my sister. The hard thing for me to set goals for is track. I feel like I don't know what I'm capable of. So my coaches help me, and help me push myself to reach and achieve higher than I ever thought I could.
I like setting goals. I'm really bad about writing them down tho, and your right, if its not written down its way too easy to cheat and say something like "oh I really meant 2 weeks from now not 1 week from now".
Does anyone actually have a goal book? I have goals for myself but I don't write them down. Maybe I should make a goal book though.
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