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Do you film your gymnast's routines at meets?

  • Yes, every event

    Votes: 71 83.5%
  • Yes, but only some events or certain meets

    Votes: 13 15.3%
  • Not currently

    Votes: 1 1.2%
  • Never have

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Gold Membership
Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2021
Just curious where opinion stands on this, there is no right or wrong. And, there are different reasons why people may choose a preference. Personally, I'm adopting a policy to not worry about taking videos at meets. I used to, every event. Now I prefer to just watch and enjoy. Plus, I am terrible at taking pictures and videos with the phone. ;)

rlm's mom

Proud Parent
Aug 21, 2021
Yes I make sure every event I videoed. I'm not usually the one videoing though, usually one of my other DD's as they're not in the same session, or my husband. I think it will be important to them to be able to look back at what they accomplished. They dedicate so many hours to the sport, I want the memories to be there. I also try to get a few clips of warm-ups and videos of them on the podium!


Proud Parent
Dec 14, 2020
My husband used to. However, my daughter prefers if we do not. IF she see us taping her it makes her more nervous especially at small meets where she can see us. Occasionally I will ask another mom to tape her if she cannot see them.
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Proud Parent
Aug 22, 2008
I recorded almost every event she ever competed. Initially it was so she could see it later. Then it became more of a tool for her, then recruiting. But it also helped me stay calm as she got into the upper levels. A lot easier watching her through a little tiny screen. I actually used to look away for beam routines and then watch it later. Now that she is in college I don't record. The team does it and she seems me the videos later. I have to say, I have come to enjoy watching her again and not worrying about recording.


Proud Parent
Apr 20, 2016
We have a ritual to watch my daughter's routines together after the meet. She likes to see how she did. We also have a policy to record and take pictures of everything and anything, because you can always purge but you can't go back to capture the moment again. It is also less stressful to watch on the screen for some reason, it makes seem less real-time. LOL.


Proud Parent
Feb 13, 2015
Near all of them. My husband usually does. Mostly to send to the family not close by. She looks at them from time to time. Occasionally there might be something in a routine she wants to see.

When she graduates I’m hoping to compile a video of her growth. From that kid who could barely do a cartwheel at 3


Proud Parent
Sep 13, 2016
Yes, usually to send to the other parent. My husband and I switch off taking her so that the other can stay home with our other children. It’s just too much to drag them along to meets now and often times they have sports or activities going on during meet weekend.


Proud Parent
May 7, 2020
I record all events. I can’t get enough of watching my son. And with video, you can slow-motion it to really be able to see the awesomeness of the skills and screenshot movements at great positions. I.e., a really great back lever or beautiful layout.


Proud Parent
Aug 21, 2013
I didn't use to, when she was younger, although now I wish I had. I do record every meet, for recruiting purposes, and she's committed, I probably could stop...but it's habit but. Also easier for me to watch her through the camera ;)
I have an L6 and an L7, also, and I record theirs, as well.


New Member
Feb 25, 2022
I didn't use to, when she was younger, although now I wish I had. I do record every meet, for recruiting purposes, and she's committed, I probably could stop...but it's habit but. Also easier for me to watch her through the camera ;)
I have an L6 and an L7, also, and I record theirs, as well.
Where is your daughter going??

My daughter is only in 6th grade and I was surprised when her coach wanted me to record her starting in level 8… I do wish I had recorded more of her lower levels too!
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Proud Parent
Feb 18, 2022
Every event, every meet since level 3. She's level 8 now and I use them to see where the deductions are. She doesn't know I do this, I never discuss it with her. It's a game I play with myself to guess her scores.


Proud Parent
Oct 9, 2015
I didn't used to record. When DD first started my husband filmed everything on a camcorder and would upload her videos to a cloud site. I actually can't access her early videos anymore and wish I had them. I used to get way too nervous to record her on my phone so I don't have many videos from the early days and really wish I had them. Now I video every routine- or ask another parent to record if warm up is going badly and I'm nervous for my kid. I like that they can look back and see progress and it's helpful if scoring is super tough but that they can see the routine was solid no matter how it scored.
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pt coach

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2009
I would video every meet to share with grandparents and also my husband who usually was with the other child handling their activities. However, during her senior season, I completely forgot to record her floor routine at one meet. This happened to be the best routine of her entire gymnastics career where she received her very best score ever. She will never let me forget that I missed that routine!


Proud Parent
Mar 3, 2016
We are only 3 meets into this journey but right now I am still trying to record every event (I totally spaced on her first vault at the last meet and didn't video it). I enjoy sharing the videos with family and friends that can't be at the meets. I can also do screenshots of the videos for pictures. I do wonder if it will get old... but reading some of these replies it sounds like it doesn't for some.