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Do you film your gymnast's routines at meets?

  • Yes, every event

    Votes: 71 83.5%
  • Yes, but only some events or certain meets

    Votes: 13 15.3%
  • Not currently

    Votes: 1 1.2%
  • Never have

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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My daughter actually hates me taking pictures or I only do it when she specifically asks me to (if she is trying to see what she is getting deductions for, or is really confident at a meet). I've actually found it nice to be able to watch and not be worried about getting the perfect video...although I admit I wish I could get more sometimes, to show family that can't be there. But I respect her boundaries.
I try to, but sometimes I can't get a good view and skip an event. My daughter loves watching them over and over and over again! It's been helpful, esp on floor, for her to see the little things that caused deductions. And my parents, out-of-state, go bananas for the videos.
Yup! All of them, every event, even now that she is in T&T. It was a tradition when she was little to watch them later with family who didn't attend the meets. Now I send them to her afterwards so she can watch them. I think that we are ending this stage as she is starting to get her coaches or teammates to record them for her. And she puts them up on her social media and picks and chooses which routines she wants shared.
Just curious where opinion stands on this, there is no right or wrong. And, there are different reasons why people may choose a preference. Personally, I'm adopting a policy to not worry about taking videos at meets. I used to, every event. Now I prefer to just watch and enjoy. Plus, I am terrible at taking pictures and videos with the phone. ;)
My daughter prefers that I video each event and I wish she didn't. I feel like I cant truly watch her because I am watching through my phone as I take the video.
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Yep! We have lots of out of state family who love to see her compete, so I record for them- and I also love having the memories.
My coach or fellow gymnasts film every meet, but they record me less and less bc of bad routines that had to get deleted anyway
Yes- other family members rarely come to meets because my daughter just prefers to have me only. So, videos are the compromise. She enjoys watching them too.
I'm starting to feel like my DD is the outlier, she has no interest in watching her recordings! But she probably gets that from me - I'm super self conscious about seeing myself in pictures or videos LOL.
I record every event (except for the ones where I accidentally record the floor and then stop when it’s her turn. ) My husband doesn’t typically attend every meet so he likes to see them when we get home. I love looking back on them, especially level 3 - SO cute!
My parents have done every event since...ever;) It is our after meet routine. I honestly really enjoy the videos and find them helpful... since what it feels like I'm doing isn't always what I'm actually doing. Especially since most meets it is just my mom and I.
I record every event at every meet and make little YouTube videos of them. Before her first meet she wanted to watch videos of other girls her age doing gymnastics and specifically wanted to watch meet videos- so I figure someone else might like to see videos of another kid like her- and I don’t hold back posting videos of her falls or when she doesn’t place well at a meet. She doesn’t always want to watch them after and that’s ok! She does like to watch the routines she’s proud of. I also send them to grandparents and my husband who is usually not able to come to the meets and they love seeing them!

Also when possible I get one of my fellow parents to record for me while I watch and I do the same for their daughter. That way I can just enjoy the routine but still have a video!
I record every event, and most parents do at our gym. It came in handy at a meet when the judges missed something and requested a video to rescore the routine. Other than that, though, I like to be able to show my daughter her progress in each event over the course of a season.
I'm starting to feel like my DD is the outlier, she has no interest in watching her recordings! But she probably gets that from me - I'm super self conscious about seeing myself in pictures or videos LOL.
I have zero interest in recording the meets. My daughter has zero interest in me recording the meets. We both have negative interest in watching the recordings together and seeing what she could have done better. Frankly, I would hate that and it seems to be an activity that only the... uh... most "invested"... parents undertake.
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