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Jan 17, 2008
When I first visited 'Chalk Bucket' my DD was working through fear. She had lost her BHS on Beam (even though she had the skill for almost 2 years)

One thing that really helped for me was this site, and for her was to watch the Video 'Do You Remember When' which I found on this site.

Watching it for the first time made me cry, then DD watched of course she cried...

She proceeded to show her team mates.. I showed the teammates Mom's... All cried.

After leaving a meet a couple months ago where DD didnt feel like she did her best we were in the car and all of a sudden she is crying and texting. I look over and ask why she is crying.. She says.. this is the song from 'Do You Remember When'. She was sending texts to all her teammates telling them to turn the radio to that station.

Now the song 'Bleeding Love' is played on the radio, a lot. Every time it comes on.. you see the whole optional team stop.. look at each other.. Then wipe a few tears away. If they are not at practice, they text each other!

I think it is really neat that one video, one song, can produce so much emotion and bring a team together!
I have to say that I-Heart-Beam has to true gift! She has created a beautiful montage that has touched MANY people:) I have been passing it around our gym, many parents have come up to me saying it made them cry too. Truly a display of what it's like for our dd's day in day out. Thanks I-Heart-Beam:)
I love that video. I wrote a poem that was kind of the same idea, and gave it to my team. Most of them told me they had it framed.

Fun to Fly
Somewhere behind the athlete you've become, the practices, the coaches who have pushed you, the meets you've competed in, the long time dedication, and the friendships you made along the way, there's a little girl who just thought it would be fun to fly.

Do you know her anymore?
Can you even remember her?

The little girl, mesmerized
By the leaping, the tumbling, the swinging.
Watching the older girls’ every move.

The little girl
Who was so fearless,
Willing to do whatever it took
To be just like them.

Well now you are one of them.
But she’s not.
She’s still that same little girl.
You made it. Good job.

Along the way, though,
She got lost.
Lost in all the competition.
Lost in the fear of new tricks.

All of a sudden
A hard worker replaced the free dreamer.
Admiration became competition.
Just wanting it wasn’t enough.

Flight didn’t just happen,
It was precise and calculated.
And that scared her away.
And you let her go.

Maybe you even forgot her.
You had new friends,
Learned a good work ethic.
Dreaming stopped being important.

But it shouldn’t have.
The dreamer and the worker
Don’t have to be separate.
They are even more powerful united.

Find that little girl in you again.
The one who just wants to fly,
The one who isn’t afraid to let go,
And be all she can, do all she can.

She’s there. She’s waiting for you. She will never grow older, wiser, stronger, better. But you can, and will. She needs you, almost as much as you need her. Find her. Hold her close. Let her live through you. Do all your new skills with her. Fly for her.

And 'Bleeding Love' is such an amazing song.
wow. great video. i didnt tear up until close to the end where you "see the little girl watching you". thats exactly how it is at my gym. all my old best friends quit a long time ago, im the only optional, and the only one above the age of 13. i could definitely relate to that, thanks for sharing!
Every time I watch I find another story in it, another relation to my life. I think about the girls I coached at some point and how when they see me as a gymnast, practicing, they applaud for things like a front tuck on tumble track or the handspring vault I've been doing for 5 years. They come running up to me, telling me how good I am and how they want to learn flips like that. I smile and tell them to keep practicing, and that they can do anything. I also think about some of my friends who quit, due to mental blocks that couldn't be broken, and even my own sister who got tired of the frustration and of always being in my shadow. It reminds me of my passion and love for the sport; something seriously important right now when I'm balancing 20+ hours of workouts between track and gym (state's in two weeks!), not to mention homework and the state violin competition soon approaching. Sometimes I think I can't do it anymore, or that I'm not good enough, but one hug from an adoring fan can really change all that. Or even the level 3's, 4's, and 5's whom I catch copying bits of my floor routine, and the level 6 who calls me her role model(even though she will soon be better than me) Another level 6 who lives near me, and came trick or treating at my house just to see me. I never realized how many lives I touch just by going to practice. I do a 'quote of the week' for my optional team, and their parents have told mine how those quotes are so important to their daughters.

It's just amazing.
Through a father's eyes

The video choked me up, too. It was very well done.

A few months ago I was watching my daughter in a private training for Tops Nationals. We were all alone with the coach on the competitive side of our gym. During the private, four young girls around 4 to 5 years old were brought over from the rec side to work on some pre-team drills. After a while, their coach had them sit close to where dd was training on the floor to watch. After some 20 minutes when there was a pause in the training, the little girls were brought over to meet my daughter and shake her hand.They looked in awe of my little 11 year old dd. I can't describe to you how proud I was at that moment. In the blink of an eye it made me think back to all the long hours of hard work, the heartache, the euphoria over the years. Watching the video brought back the times when my dd was younger and working hard to get her kip, her clear hip, her bwo,her giants, and of when she would watch the optional girls work out doing really hard conditioning or throwing some really tough skills. I remember the look of awe in her face(and mine) but also the steally determination and firm set of her jaw. In four years my dd has seen many friends quit gymnastics because of injuries, changing interests, lack of interest, or physical limitations. She lost a good friend just last week. And I already miss chatting with her parents. It's hard not to cry when seeing this video and recalling these moments. It really makes ones throat constrict and heart ache.
The video should get a patent for nostalgia.

That video is way cute! I love it, it is so true! I don't compete but seeing little boys/girls watch me makes me feel better because I know there is someone thinking how great I am when I feel like the worst gymnast in the world.
I don't tear up easily but that video did it for me. It was the part about the team shrinking. My team is 1/2 the size it was a year ago. It was a big change and it sucked and the video really hit it on the nose.
Tonight at practice, we were doing abs together, and we always listen to the top 8songs at 8 on our favorite radio station. Guess what number 4 was, right in the middle of our conditioning? Yep, Bleeding Love. We all just looked at each other at belted it out.
spreading the word, er, video

I showed this to my daughter after she got home from the gym at 8:45 tonight. She immediately wanted to send it to everyone at the gym. This is a phenomenon. I-Heart-Beam, you've hit a home run, or in gym parlance, scored a perfect ten.

Tonight at practice, we were doing abs together, and we always listen to the top 8songs at 8 on our favorite radio station. Guess what number 4 was, right in the middle of our conditioning? Yep, Bleeding Love. We all just looked at each other at belted it out.

You sung during abs? Your workout is too easy missy! LOL Jk! We always sing during conditioning and we will be like running so its supposed to be like hard and my coach is like if you can talk or sing its too easy so go harder! LOL!

That is an amazing song and an amazing montage! YAY I-heart-beam!
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