WAG Do you think I have the right skills to make it to gold next season

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Nov 29, 2022
Floor skills Round off double back handspring, Front handspring, Front handspring step out, handstand forward roll, back walkover, front walkover, round off, cartwheel, backward roll to push up, back extension roll, and side aerial. I am currently working on back tuck.
Beam skills Handstand, Inconsistent cartwheel, Inconsistent full turn, half turn, split jump, and straight jump.
Bars skills- double back hip circle, back hip circle, glide swing pull over, pullover, and almost have kip.
Vault skills- handstand flat back, roundoff, and front hand spring.
Feb 2, 2022
Many gyms have different requirements for skills beyond what is outlined by USAG for Xcel Gold. Based on our gym requirements you'd be fine on floor. Beam: need cartwheel or BWO and full turn. Bars: need squat on to jump to high bar. Vault: need half-on or front handspring over the table.


Proud Parent
Mar 25, 2022
I my season also just started I had my first silver meet of the season on November 20, 2022. I was just looking toward the future since I would like to level up this year.
Assuming that your silver team is similar to USAG L3, and gold is approximately "L4 or better" I think that you're in great shape. Lots of L3s who will move to L4 are still requiring a spot on their BHS right now. Your skills seem much more advanced.

Get a FHS over a table, figure out how to squat on/leap to high bar, get a good beam cartwheel, get a decent kip. Seems like you could get those skills in a couple months with solid coaching. Easily over summer when you're not messing around with routines.

Of course, that assumes your gym doesn't have super high standards for gold.
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