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Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
or meets during the Winter break???

my girls have some but not much!!tonight and maybe tomorow night!! and last Friday night! next week they are back in school!

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
All team girls had their regular practice schedule up through 12/21. Compulsory teams are off from then til 1/3(their meet season is done). Optional teams(and that means my gymie) have 4 hours today/tomorrow and 5 hours on Sat. then off Sun/Mon/Tues and back on school schedule as of 1/2. 1st meet is 1/12, so its getting down to crunch time.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
My daughter had regular practice last Sat and then no practice Tuesday night. She now has a shortened & later practice tonight (6-9), tomorrow and then reg Sat practice again. She has one more meet coming up on the 6th and then States on the 20th so they are trying to not lose any hours. Didn't get the next weeks schedule yet but I am thinking it might be the same. While it was nice having a couple days off, my DD is not used to going three days in a row so I am not sure how she will like that. She missed her friends though and couldn't wait to find out what everyone got for Chritmas, LOL
Nov 9, 2007
My daughter had regular practice the Saturday before Christmas, then she has 4 hour practices weds, thurs, fri and sat. We are off for New Years and then 4 hour practices through Sat next week. We are just starting our season, we have only had one meet so far, her next meet is the second weekend in January. Then it's a meet every other week till March when we have states.

The thing that she and I both love is that during break all practices are during the day while I work, leaving our evenings to us! Of course that only means that we have time to watch my younger daughter play basketball, there is no such thing as rest during the holidays!


My dd had a clinic at our gym yesterday from 9-4. She has practice today 9-12, again tomorrow from 12-3 then it's back to the normal schedule next Thursday, 4-7. Her next meet is the 2nd weekend in January and we missed last Thursday due to an ice storm so I guess they don't want to lose any time. She's not complaining, though, so I guess it's okay!:rolleyes:

gymgirl0805's Mom

My girls go to 2 different gyms..

Chelsea's gym has been open all winter break.. The only day they were closed was Christmas Day.. Chelsea even had practice for 4 hrs on Christmas EVE!! She wasn't happy LOL

Morgan's gym closed 12/21 and will reopen 1/2
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