WAG Does a fouetté hop/jump count for split requirements on beam?

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Aug 3, 2016

Assuming the split is actually at the right angle, can you get SR credit for doing this?

And adding on, would a fouette hop to a wolf hop work as a jump series?



minus the full
I do not think you can do a fouetté in full split unless you lower your chest down towards horizontal, so your back leg can reach vertical like in a full split scale. Not sure if that would receive deductions for lowered chest, whether it would be judged as a fouetté, or whether they can give split jump/leap credit for a vertical split. Technically if you take off and land on the same leg, it's a hop, not a jump/leap so I'm not sure if that would fulfill the requirement.

If you wanted to pick up the front leg so that it was a balanced split (like a split jump), it would be a split leap 1/2. That's a C in the FIG COP on beam. If you change legs in a fouetté to full split, that's a tour jeté and it's a D on beam.
I think it would count as the 180 degree split requirement IF you could hit 180 degrees, which would be almost impossible - it'd be like a sissone half? I guess if you had a really flexible back you could do it.

It wouldn't count in a leap series because it's not a leap, it lands on the take-off leg, so it's a hop.
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