Does anyone know details on Shayla Worley's sore back condition?

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hey, I heard Shayla is our due to a sore back and will petition to the Trials. Does anyone know exactly what happend to her back and do you think she will be ready???
I hope so!! I love her!!!
May 26, 2008
I believe it is a herniated disc that she has had problems with for some time. I hope she is ready also. I'm just not sure even if she is ready that she'll have a place on the team. Bars is the event the need to fill. It looks like after Nationals that Chellsie has proven she will take the #2 spot behind Nastia. She has more upgrades planned also. So for Shayla is comes down to grabbing that 3rd bars spot. Ashley Priess helped her by retiring. So in my opinion it will come down to Shayla vs. Bridget Sloan. If Bridget and Shayla are scoring equally on bars it will come down to who is doing better on Floor and Vault. Just my personal opinions.
Not open for further replies.