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Does anyone remember ?

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by coachp, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. CoachP and any others in the know, anyone have info on which regions get extra spots this year for each age group?
  2. Yes that info is released at the meet by the host . :).
  3. Also, ChalkWarrior.com has the list of qualifiers from each region, and you can see which regions do not have 7 gymnasts. Those regions will get the gymnasts from the other regions. Only last year's 1st and 2nd place regions get to send gymnasts to fill the empty spots.
  4. I thought they changed it to which ever region had the most qualifiers in that age division this year?
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  5. They changed it .... now it's whoever has the most kids in that division....
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  6. well, this is one of the first decisions I have heard about that makes some sense - it's a nod to the regions and divisions within those regions that have a ton of kids....but seems like the system really, truly needs revamping.
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  7. Redraw the regions and there will be no more empty spots and everyone benefits
  8. Coachp,
    Does the region with the most kids take ALL the available spots for any given division or is divided based on percentage somehow?

    If there are 3 available extra spots from R2 and R1 has the most kids in that division (even if only 1 more than R3), does R1 take al 3 extra spots?

  9. Sorry I am so annoyed with the rule that I really don't have an accurate answer . In other words I have never asked
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  10. There were 12 extra spots to give out in Junior B(combined form R2/R4/R6). Someone on here must know if Region 3 is sending 19 kids in that age group or if they were spread amongst Regions.
  11. During awards, region 3 announced they had 3 extra girls in the Jr B age group.
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  12. If 3 out of 8 regions were unable to field a team in the Junior B age group, it seems that the age division line was drawn in the wrong place! I would love to see a breakdown of which age groups were the largest and smallest in each region, and also which age groups in each region had the highest cutoff scores.
  13. Jr B?? Our region did numbers. Is that the same as Jr2? If so we had 23 girls.
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  14. Was the Jr2 level 9? All states have to use JrA, B etc for level 10 as far as I am aware
  15. Jr B is level 10, Jr 2 is level 9.
  16. Ah ok makes sense
  17. USAG should not be drawing any age groups . Each region should pie its kids equally . Whole thing is stupid
  18. But then how would nationals qualifications be done?
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  19. He is talking about instead of USAG setting age groups, each region divides their own kids into 12 equal age groups (JR A-F and SR A-F), then the same as now, 7 in each age group to Nationals. There would be a slight difference in months when the kids got to Nationals (JR D in one Region may be 15.5-15.75, in another may be 14.75-15, say) but at least there wouldn't be 37 in one age group and 10 in another in a Region. At least everyone in each Region would have an equal shot at one of those 84 Nationals spots.
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