Does DD have to remove skills for L8?

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Hi all! there was a post on one of the forums about the new J.O. Code of Points for 2009 (couldn't find it again to ask my question there!:rolleyes:). From what little I read, it sounds like L8 gymmies will have to restrict their routines to include only A & B skills, with the exception of some C skills on bars. Does that mean that skills she is currently doing for Level 7 like switch leaps and straddle jumps on beam, and skills that she is training for 8 such as Back Tucks on beam, will not be allowed any more?:confused: What are the exceptions, and where can we find them in more detail (the J.O. website is kinda vague for non-professionals (like moi:))


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Jun 24, 2008
USAG has not yet released all of the updates for next season; I believe they will come out in a few weeks. However, C dance elements will still be allowed in level 8. I don't know if there will be exceptions for certain C acro elements, but my gym is certainly hoping that back tucks on beam will be allowed!

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Oct 3, 2007
The vague wording states: (and I agree it is vague for us)
restricted difficulty (only A's & B's and C dance elements on beam and floor) plus selected C's on bars (1/2 pirouette, clear hipcircle, clear hip circle 1/2)

Then at the bottom it says unallowable elments that are preformed (additional C's in L7/8 and D's/E's L9 will recieve no vaule part credit and be given a .5 deduction.

So I guess it is all dependant on if the change the skill level of someof these moves. But as of right now it looks like no C's except dance elements. It seems they are trying toencourage moving to L9 and L10.

This does seem like a good idea in theroy if it plays out right. Its just hard when it plays out with your own DD.

The other post was mine I was just curious what other thought. Its under technical talk. Best of luck to your DD


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Jan 4, 2008
While I can see why USAG would want to restrict the difficulty. It does seem a little obsessive to restrict these skills before level 9. They really are quite basic skills. Here in Australia our levels are very similar to those in the USA. So an Aussie level 5 would be similar to a US level 5. But we allow bonus skills in the compulsary levels. The standing back tuck on beam here is allowed from level 5 up for bonus. You dont see many level 5's doing it, but there are quite a few level 6's doing it too. By level 8 its quite a standard skill and in virtually everyones routines. It would be a real shame to lose that option from level 8 routines.

The switch leap is the same, it is a bonus from level 5, and again by about level 7 all the girls are doing it and doing it well. I believe the straddle jump is overrated as a C. In the FIG code of points a straddle jump is only an A skill, we use this code in Australia so it is valued at an A as well.

It is a good idea for getting kids to go to the higher levels so they can do the skills. But it may affect training practises, if kids are waiting this long to do such intermediate skills they will struggle to meet the standards of level 10 and elite in an acceptable period of time. Smart coaches will continue to train the C value skills from around level 7, and at least be introducing drills for them by level 6. But unfortunatly most coaches coach to competitions rather than the gymnasts future. They think about what you need now, for this season and not enough attention is paid to setting them up for long term success.

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Jun 21, 2007
I think the 2 common acro skills that will no longer be, once they release the new rules, is the BT on beam and the double back off of bars. I think these are the 2 most common Cs that are being done in 8.

Switch leap will still be ok as with any other dance C.

I do think that with the rules that seem to be coming, this is what might end up pushing my dd to 9. If the rules were the same, the coaches would probably have her do a 2nd yr of 8. Dd has done a BT in her beam routine all season long. I think that her current beam routine could use some slight tweaking and could already be her 9 routine. She does BHS-BHS series, BT and FHS. She can do side aerial, but am not sure if she would be allowed to do it in 9 with the rule changes. I thought that 9s could do 1 D skill, but not really sure - that's why I pay the big bucks to the coaches, they can figure all of that stuff out! ;) It's going to be a crazy yr with all of these upcoming changes....
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