WAG Does my kid lack potential, or is there favoritism?

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Comparing your child to the others on the team is the quickest way to dissatisfaction ever. Try to evaluate her experience in a bubble - is she happy, is she progressing, is she getting good coaching. If there are problems with the coaching and your child in particular, speak to the coach.

This is where you will find peace ;). It's a marathon not a race and the finish line is very blurry and different for each kid. Try to enjoy the journey.
I don't think I could send my kid into a gym where I had to worry about her being openly dissed and mistreated by an adult....to me it's an either/or situation...either the coach stops behaving that way towards my kid (and that can be achieved by moving her out of that group, moving coach to a different group or firing her/him for unprofessional behavior) or we're out of there to a more positive environment...

I'm not saying everyone has to love my kid or love working with her but to be treated in such a way (with it confirmed by the coach!!) is totally unacceptable and abusive...and that the HC allows it to continue is worrisome...Favoritism I get, abuse no way...

I understand. There are some extenuating circumstances at our gym right now that make firing the coach difficult. We also have limited options as far as gyms she can go to although that is the most likely outcome in the next several months.

Mostly, DD just works with her nicer coach and puts up with her meaner coach.
Well it looks like my dd is going to have a great season. She had her in house meet this weekend and it went really well. Out of 40ish girls, she was in the top three for two events and all around, which also included the kids that get to do back to back seasons, and she outscored them.
Speaking as one who has been there:

My DD did back to back old level 4 then 5. She did great at level 4 (including a state championship) and then had a pretty bad level 5 season. She ended up repeating level 5 in the fall (and did very well). During her compulsory years she had teammates race ahead of her, but she eventually caught up and in some cases surpassed them.

I know we want to be strong advocates for our kids, and we want to make sure they get every possible opportunity to advance. But, realistically, in this case it just isn't that much of a missed opportunity. There will be plenty more chances down the road for her to shine.
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The other aspect here is cost...it is a lot of $$ to do 2 seasons back to back and competing for 6-months is LONG. If she can spend all that time uptraining, she will be in great shape next fall.
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