OT Does this make me crazy?

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Proud Parent
Jun 19, 2008
united states
This is probably not as exciting for everyone else as it is for me, but currently, my house is immaculate. I'm talking FREAKISHLY clean. From top to bottom. No laundry. No dirty dishes. Completely dusted. Completely disinfected. Drawers and closets organized. Even the refrigerator and the oven are clean!

I have nothing to do for the rest of the day. That is, until dinner time. Or when ds gets home from school and tosses his shoes, bag and coat in the middle of the floor. ;)

I know, I sound like a freak - just had to share this with someone. I am on cloud 9! I don't remember the last time i had nothing-to-do!!! Does this make me crazy?:cool:
I am sending you an airline ticket to Canada, please come and clean the Bog house. Your family will take at least a week to mess your place up again, so then you will be back home in time to clean once more.

That way you could be on a two week long cleaning high!

Yes, you're crazy, but not crazier than anyone of the other loons on here! Now sit down and read a book or something.
I am closer, come to my house first! LOL. My house is never clean. I am a clutterbug. It isn't dirty, but never spotless, perfectly arranged or organized. I grew up with a clean freak and it messed me up. LOL. I actually don't feel at home when I am in a house like that because of my childhood. I love a lived in looking home. To each his own!!
LOL! Mariposa, my house is NEVER this clean! Just my valient attempt at rebuking h1n1 :) My son was very sick last week, and this entire week "A" has been home from school. I do feel you on the clean freak thing - did you grow up in the same house as my husband?:p My mother-in-law IS the queen mother of all clean freaks!

Bog, I would totally come and clean your house. But, I've only been to Canada once and am afraid to go back!!!:eek: Long story short: The lady at customs HATED me. It was a friday afternoon, 2ish Central Time. We had to stop because our kids didn't have passports. When we went in, they wanted our IDs. She took my husband's first, then mine. Then started asking questions - even asked our children if we were their parents!!! I was already a nervous wreck prior to the questioning - there was construction on the bridge going into Canada and the trip across the river was almost 2 hours! We were just going for fun...so the kids could say "i went to canada".

Anyway, the lady at customs eluded to the fact that we might not be able to get back into the US until at least the following monday :eek:. The reason? iIt was getting late in the day and businesses would be closing before we could get paperwork that was needed. We had just moved, and I hadn't been to the DMV to change the address on my driver's license. (MY BAD!!!) She said that i would probably need proof of address and blah blah blah...So, when my husband's address didn't match the address on my driver's license, coupled with the fact that our children didn't have passports...I got a good, very serious talking to. Lesson learned :rolleyes:.

We didn't ever have any trouble whatsoever getting back into the US, but i'm not gonna lie - I think i learned the lesson the hard way!
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