Dominque Moceanu

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Feb 7, 2007
Does anyone know anything about what Dominique Moceanu is doing right now and if she is still planning to return to the elite scene? The last time I knew anything she was planning her comeback, but they wouldn't let her compete in the national championships for some weird reason. I'd really like to know what's going on with her right now. If someone knows something will you post what you know? Thanks -- Angela.
Last info I saw about her was on the USAG site in Nov. It was just a brief metion with 1 picture of her wedding. The very brief article didn't even mention what her husband does or what her plans were for any type of gymnastics career. As I recall, she has tried several comebacks, but they've been cut short by injuries or substandard performances. With this new judging system it may be hard for her to not only get in shape, but also come up with new skills/routines.

I think she has a website although don't know how up to date it is.
My daughter and her buddies got a chance to meet Dominque at the Great West Gym Fest and get her autograph. She was one of the past Olympians there to hand out awards, host a meet/greet ice cream social and give some short talks to the gymnasts. She looks to be in great shape. Found out she married a former gymnast who is doing his residency and they live in the Cleveland area. She mentioned going to college, but it wasn't clear if she was taking classes right now.
Yes she got married last november... I had not seen pics of her since the goodwill games she won in 98, wow how much has she changed... she's the reason I became a fan, I once saw a piece of a sports tv show making a comparison between her and Nadia during the 96 Olympics and I immediately fell in love with gymnastics... I hope she could make a comeback but it's true that injuries and other stuff have stopped her from getting back into light
Dominique's Website

Actually her website is up to date. It has all sorts of interesting information on there. The biggest informatin is that she is pregnant with her first child, due in January. She has pictures up on her site and keeps in touch with gymnastics. There is also a section where she describes what happened to her with the last comeback. And a recent interview of Alicia Sacramone.
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