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Well, we made it through the year. My dd had an excellent regionals. I had posted earlier this year how disappointed my dd was when she learned they wanted her to do L8 for only the first few meets. Well that never came to pass. She stayed L8 all year. She performed as many of her L9 skills as allowed all in competition. I've never seen such a wide range of skills in 1 level! No extra credit for the harder skills. I'm not sure i understand the use of this level at all:confused:. Anyway, She did well in all her meets but her heart sure hasn't been it.:eek: Now finally season is over and she is training the L9 skills she couldn't compete this year and L10 skills:). The coach came up and said L9 has lower requirements which means she may in fact be doing the same skills next year that she's already done for this year.:eek: Argh! Oh this sport! Maybe for girls like my dd they should do 1 L9 meet and move on to L10:rolleyes:? Just needed to those thoughts off my chest. If you've read this far thank you.


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Feb 26, 2007
Great that she had a good year and did well at the meets. It certainly is very confusing as a parent to work out the levels. It will be intersting to see waht the new changes to L9 do, I imagine more girls will move up to 10 and it might even out the playing field a bit. Glad she is enjoying her training, new skills are always so much fun.
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