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Okay sorry, maybe it's me not figuring it out, but the new CB does not work so well for me. I use to be able to see all the newest posts in one format and see the post w/o clicking on the post. This new way takes more time. I don't view as many posts.

Please let me know if I am just doing it wrong.
Click on new posts at the top of the page and you will get all new posts and there is no RSS, so all will be well.
i dont dislike it. but i must say i agree and i do like the other one more. although these colors are better i like the set up of the old one.
I like the other one better. Do you think there is anyway you could have the same setup as the other one but with other colors? And i don't like that you can't have open chat on here. Did the open chat just get deleted or is it hiding some place?
The chat was one of the reasons that CB was having issues. As I said in the other thread, a new skin will cost about $2500USD, so getting used to this is good thing!
Not open for further replies.