double backs

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At our gym we don’t have any pits and I want to start doing doubles what can I do.
Do you have a tumble track? I've seen coaches spotting doubles on that. Every time I've seen someone learning double backs it's been with a spotting coach, and a large part of what they do is push the gymnast up a bit, so they have extra height/time to complete the second tuck. So, a pit shouldn't matter. A trained coach and a proper mat should be sufficient.
Do you have a coach who knows how to spot one? They can be learned on the floor with a soft landing mat if the coach knows how to spot.
Try stacking mats up nice and high and doing timers like bionickoolaid suggested. If you have a rod floor you can do it off that with spot. They're a really fun skill--good luck!
Do you have a regular 7x14 tramp? I learned double back on a trampoline years before I learned them on the floor.

Also, snap down doubles off a nice mini tramp...onto a pit mat...with a spot (or using an overhead spotting rig).
I'm sorry to say it, but based on the videos you've posted in another thread, you're nowhere near ready to be working double-backs. Before you even think about working doubles, you must have a very tight and fast backhandspring, and a tuck that goes well above head height.
I would have to agree with Geoffrey on this one.:( We don't want to see anyone get hurt. Keep working hard and it won't be too much longer before your ready to start working that double.
Not open for further replies.