Double mini rules question

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May 4, 2009
I cannot for the life of me fine the book of rules for USAG T&T anywhere in my gym. We have a meet coming up and I want to compete level 9 on DM. I need to know if you can do 2 mounter passes or if you HAVE to do a spotter and a mounter pass. On the sheet it say 1 mounter pass required but nothing other than that but I know for some levels you have to do one of each.

I have seen other girls do 2 mounters and am curious if it isn't allowed what is the deduction?

No you don't HAVE to do 2 mounters, but it is preferred. In the higher levels they want the big skills and nothing but. That being said you also wont take a deduction simply for doing a spotter pass but your gymnast has 1 more skill that they can get deductions on.

As for the rules there is a DVD that your gym can order from the USAG website and that DVD has all the rules on it.
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