Double Trouble...wish us luck!!!

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Mar 12, 2010
Just got home from setting up for our hosted meet tomorrow, levels 4 thru 10. I'm in charge of retail, and this year we have some really cute stuff! I'm really excited to see how it sells.
My ds has a meet at noon( he's ready to go!), and my dd is competing her first level 6 meet tomorrow evening at 6. I wasn't sure she was going to compete as she spent all wed night and thurs really sick with a stomach bug, poor kid. She was better today and says she is feeling good to compete. She is also coming back from a hip injury that prevented her from back tumbling for a month. Im just hoping we get through the day.... In one piece and awake!
The girls from our team are supposed to do a dance to party rock anthem during should

Wish us all luck....and I hope the coffee at both venues is good!! I'm gonna need it!!!!
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