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Hello, Rick, and everyone at The Chalk Bucket. I am Doug Davis of tumbl TRAK. My major interest is developing better products for training gymnasts, Cheerleaders and tumblers hour to learn their skills safer, better and quicker. I have given myself this job to search for better ideas, equipment, drills and stations to do this. I am always interested in all of the above, and welcome any comments, suggestions and complaints about our equipment and our support program. I hope everyone has a fun, safe and as prosperous a 2009 as possible. Doug


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Feb 26, 2007
Hey Doug nice to have you here. I love getting your monthly newsletter, great fun to read. I hope you enjoy our forum, we have a great gang of people here.

My girls got to enjoy some of your air mats at Gymrep in Quebec this summer, they are great.


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Sep 3, 2005
Great to have you here. It's good to see we are getting some industry members. The Tumbl Trak is an outstanding training device...and it's FUN!


Welcome Doug:)! We had the Tumbl Trak at my dd's prior gym, and it was awesome. It was that perfect step between tramp and floor. We merged with another gym and lost our coach (who used the tumbl trak alot). We still have it, but our new coaches do not use it at all:(. Hopefully that will change!
Jan 17, 2008
Hi Doug! Welcome to the Chalk Bucket, I really enjoy your newsletters as well. My DD"s Gym has a Tumble Trak. It really benefits the gymnasts. She uses it mostly to work Vaults and now setting for Double Backs.
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