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Anyone else here besides me keep a dream journal? This was suggested by a teacher of mine as something neat to do. So I keep a journal and pen by my bed and whenever I wake up and remember a dream, I write down as much as I can remember (or feel like writing). Usually I forget dreams very soon after I wake up, but I remember them if I 'prompt' my memory, and reading the journal is usually enough to do that.

Dreams are such an interesting window into life. You visit a lot of interesting places, which often resemble places you have been before or have some sort of symbolic meaning. And you often learn more about yourself, and your desires and fears by looking at your dreams.

Anyway I would highly recommend trying it if you haven't before. Its kind of fun. Best time to have dreams that you remember is when you are like drifting in and out of sleep, like just as you are falling asleep at night or when you wake up in the morning.
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
that's cool
I never dream though..well i don't remember them anyways..at all
ugh it's kindof depressing cause i love it when i dream but it is only like once every two months at the most.

so my journal would be very empty.:)


Oh, you dream, you just forget them I bet. You'll hate this idea, but set your alarm like an hour or 2 before you have to get up when you are still fast asleep. Maybe you'll wake up in the middle of a dream and you'll remember it! You might be groggy and cranky tho if you cant fall back asleep easy.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hey NYgymfan!!! I used to keep a dream journal years ago. I should start doing one again--thanks for bringing this topic up!!! Have you or anyone on here had lucid dreams?? Lucid dreaming is when you are dreaming and you are conscious or aware that you are dreaming and you can alter your dream at will. I used to have flying dreams all the time and the lucid dreams would happen then. I would think in my dream "Hmmmm, I am flying and I know I can't fly in real life so I must be dreaming" and this would prompt me to realize that I was dreaming and I would try to change the dream. It's really cool!! It does take some practice but the more you remember your dreams, the more control you seem to have over them. NYgymfam--PM me sometime...I would love to talk more about the dream journaling.
Aug 26, 2008
I keep a dream journal...sort-of. I just write down my dreams in a regular journal that I write in. It's a lot of fun. Most of my dreams are pretty crazy though.... a lot of them have to do with celebrities and interacting with them.
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i have a dream about uhh once a month so it would be empty!
and when i do have one i forget it right away!
i dreamed i was doing push ups and i woke up doing push ups!
Sep 9, 2007
I don't keep a journal but I have some crackers of dreams.

Last night I dreamt I was in Greggs, which is a British bakery chain and heaven on earth btw, and I slipped on some water and fell into the Steak Bake machine. So I was going through this machine, screaming "I don't want to be a steak bake" and then I got turned into one and put on the shelf. And then I woke up.


My bf did his senior paper on dream analysis, so he made me keep a dream journal so he could analyze them! I've been keeping it since November, the paper got turned in the end of January, and he starts the analysis process soon.
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