Dreamlight leotards

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Whats your opinion on them? Is the quality good? How does the fit compare to Gk's fit? And does anyone know where the outlet is?
Good quality as far as I'm concerned. Fit is a little bigger than GK in my opinion (cut is just a little different) but about the same. I'd get the same size if I were you. The outlet is in VA Beach but they also sell at various meets (maybe mostly in VA).
My gym will never use Dreamlight again. The optionals used a DL leo for one season. By the end of the season, the seams of several leos were coming loose, we were losing stones all over the place, and then there was the minor issue of their sizing leos not being anywhere near the size of their competition leos. With the sizing leo, I was worried about an AL being a little small. My AL competition leo was so big, it looked like I was wearing a diaper... and that was after our seamstress whiz did some major alterations (but that was because you could see down the front my leo because the chest was so loose). And then our logo on our warm-up jackets wasn't centered... the problems went on and on. Back to GK for us.
They are slightly bigger than gk. I would consider going a size smaller if you are older done growing and not going to use them for more than a couple of seasons.

Other than that we didn't have any problems with them.

I think the designs are a bit more original, or at least different form the things you see all the time with alpha factor or gk. But we also have a former gymnast who works their so we get to see fabric samples etc. before we decide on the leo. So you will have pretty stand out leos at meets because not many people use them.
Yes I think they are also a size larger than GK.

Very good quality. I have had one Dreamlight leotard for ages and it is still looks brand new. They are a little bit harder to find, though. I agree with LiveLaughTumble about how they have different designs (which most are beautiful for competions) and they really stand out.
After several years with Gk I decided to use them for our 90 girl team. I was worried after hearing some other teams had issues. We had a great experience. The girl I worked with suggested several things and we came up with a custom design.. I ordered the leo I wanted in a sample that came out beautifully. The try on sizes they sent seemed off so I called and they sent a second box of try on sizes that were new and not stretched out.. I have to say thetre were a few that didnt it right but, Dreamlight was all but accomodating and way before our first meet
We just got our team leos and warm-ups today and they are Dreamlight Activewear (talk about just in the nick of time since their first competition is Sunday!!!). They look really nice--I will have to try it on Dani after she comes home from practice...

I'll let everyone know how she likes them and how they hold up.
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