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Dec 14, 2018
Has anyone found a dress pant brand or style that works for them or their ex-gymnast daughter? I've been faking it up until now with colored jeans and a pair of black pants I found in highschool, but I'm about to start interviewing for jobs in healthcare and want to look professional, so I am once again dreading pants shopping! I'm still pretty much in shape but thanks to gymnastics and genetics I have a small waist and large legs - my waist is a size 6 but legs are at least an 8 and anything that fits comfortably over my thighs I am swimming in (often a 5-6 inch gap at the waist). Any recommendations for a style or brand that might work would be greatly appreciated!


Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
My youngest sister (at one point) had a size 2 waist, but size 8 hips. She struggled to find pants that fit. She ended up having to get her pants tailored. She would buy the size 8 and then get them tailored to fit her waist better. Luckily, she found an inexpensive tailor.
However, in a pinch, a pair of nice pants that fit your biggest part and have belt loops could work with a belt and a top long enough to cover the top of the pants.
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Jan 31, 2012
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You need a tailor. Structured adult business clothing rarely fits anyone properly without tailoring. It helps to start with a brand that is generally the right shape (curvy, less curvy, etc.), but you'll still need to have some adjustments made to the waist, sleeve length, hem, etc. All of my suits, dress pants, pencil skirts, and tailored dresses, along with most of my blazers, are tailored.


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Not sure how long you've been out of gymnastics but my ex gymnast daughter was a nightmare to fit in "regular" clothes while competing ...but after college graduation, within 6 months , her body basically reverted to a normal female body when not being forced to do lift and conditioning for sumo wrestlers that bulked her up in NCAA ... she's actually very tiny now and clothing fits fine . We have the occasional visit to the tailor for length issues but that's about it.


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Nov 4, 2016
Late to the party but check out Ann Taylor Loft. They have different cuts that are flattering to different shapes. Buy then when they go in sale though. They have sales frequently, like $65 jeans for $5.99
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