drills for front hip circles on bars

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Feb 7, 2007
Hi everyone -- I have a young girl who just cannot quite get her front hip circle on bars. I've run out of things to tell her and I'm not helping her improve because I say the same things over and over. I was wondering if anyone has certain words or corrections they use to help explain to a gymnast the mechanics of the skill and/or some drills I could use to help her get the feeling of it and work up to it. Thanks! Angela
Check out this video:


Also check out the post that goes along with it at:


Another great drill is to work on only the first half of the skill. Place some crash mats below the bar. Get them into a nice hollow starting position. Have them hold the position all the way to the floor...their heels will hit the floor. They should land in a tight hollow, hanging on to the bar. This drill forces them to hold the proper position. They should gain good speed and hit the mat hard. It's great for kids that always want to bend too early.

Hope this helps.;)
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