Drills for speeding up FHC?

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I teach rec/preteam, and one of my girls is A Dreaded Front Hip Circle (her words, not mine) away from the Level 4 bar skills. She's got the extend/pike thing, but it appears SO SLOW-it's probably the same speed as her classmate who can do one, but she's about 8 inches taller. Anyone have any magic words to convey to her how fast she should be piking? I've had her do FHC to piked chin up, and told her that it may feel like she's about to headbutt her own knees, which helped some but wasn't quite it.

Also any other drills or skills that happen to help with the push down aspect are more than welcome too. This is a good little group with a lot of promise and the more gymnastics concepts they have, the happier we all are.



I notice the same problem my kids have with front hip circles is similar to the ending of a kip. They dont rotate their hands around the bar enough and end up pushing themselves backwars off the bar.

I work stem rises, place a block in front of them and have them place their feet on it and then hold onto the bar and press back off the block and lift shoulders over the bar. This also works on p-bars that are set unevenly.


Jul 5, 2007
After watching a whole lot of 4s this weekend, I noticed a problem I have with a lot of gymnasts occurring with great frequency: the gymnast would push up to her thighs correctly prior to initiating the skill, but then just as she started to fall forward, she would return to her hips almost immediately, breaking some of the momentum. This is closely correlated with a bent arm push up finish. I might be misunderstanding though because if she's doing the whole thing with correct timing, I can't really picture how she can slow it down in the middle. I usually have two problems, the correct "fall" into it, and the snap to pike which keeps the gymnast on the bars. If she's going for the pike too early on her hips or even stomach, it's not likely to work. If you watch where she's doing it and the timing is incorrect, it might help to spot from the first part too - after the push up to the extension, I would put one hand (cross arm) on her back, and the other hand on the front of the legs just below the bar, and keep her in the full extension into the drop, then switch hands to support the pike position.

As far as the push down, I make them finish every skill with it once they have a BHC hip circle (i.e. back hip circle, finish in hollow push up). Start every L3 and 4 warm up with having them just push up and hold for 10-20 seconds. Most of them have the strength to do that but it is the shape for me, some of them do it by kind of piking forward too much rather than hollowing from the upper body as they push down.


By correct timing, I mean it's at the right place as far as where she is on the bar, just SLOW. AS. MOLASSES. UPHILL. IN. WINTER.

I'll have to watch really closely to make sure she isn't dropping at ALL before she starts, & if she is give some hands on correction. Cross-arm spotting hadn't even occurred to me. Thanks!


Most new front hip circlers initiate the fall from just above horizontal due to lack of bravery. Ideally it would be right from support, but they will go slower at the beginning till they get brave.
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