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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
I have a rising level 6 who has a very easy time with giant-style turnover, but a very hard time stopping his rotation for a moy. He can do a beautiful flyaway off the end, and can do giants with a spot, but can't catch a moy because he overrotates it (on more than one occasion he has, while attempting a moy, accidentally done a giant to upper-arm support).

I've been trying to teach him a Tippelt-style tap to kill his rotation and give him more lift in the shoulders, but he seems to be really struggling with the concept (and it doesn't help that he has very stiff shoulders).

So does anybody have any effective drills for training a tippelt-style tap for a moy to young (10 years old) gymnasts?
Quite a few - here you go.Step one: spotting blocks. Hold a handstand, and physically shape the chest first drop, emphasizing pressure on the hands, feet left behind (much like a tkatchev).Once he has mastered the gross motor, on p-bars, low setting, same shape on the end of the bars, you hold his chest and he snaps down to a pike position. Progress is made as you do less work and he does more. When he can do this phase alone, it's time for step 3.Step 3: raise the p-bars so that a wedge mat can stand upright in front of the rails. Do step 2 into said wedge. You can be there to catch him, as there will be a TON of force back from the kick. While mastering this phase, work on swings between the rails, spotting the throw to support.Step 4: put the wedge mat on the inside of the rails, and figure out how far away he needs to be to 'stand up' using the mat, he will need some spotting at first, but will require less and less as he gets better.Step 5: put it all together.Hope that helps.Ryan
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yeah that is basically it.
I may be miss understanding one of the steps ryantroop mentioned, but one good progression and hardest bit of Tippelt tap, is to put the wedge at end of bars facing out (so propped up against PB uprights). Have the gymnast drop the chest drop and than snap to pike against the wedge. This is to help teach the quick tap/shape change which gymnast will struggle in beginning. And grip seems less of an issue here, however honey is again recommended.
So, raise the p-bars (simple). Originally, they should have been at the lowest setting for the arch/drop sequence.

Now, they should be high enough that you can stand an upright wedge mat resting on the upright rails.

Here is the P-bars TT (I know, it's letters, use some imagination here).

The wedge will be resting here >TT upright. The athlete will tipelt into the wedge. They will most likely fall. Catch them :)

When they are proficient in this sequence, move the mat... T<T (I know, the bar is broken, but you get the idea).

Then, they tipelt from further away and can even begin doing moy support.

I hope that helps...
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