MAG DS's first Level 5 meet...

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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
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Mar 12, 2010
He had a pretty awesome meet! These are all new routines and new scoring this year, so it was pretty confusing! The whole team had three things wrong with their pbars routine, so they have to fix those, but other than that, just lots of little nit picky things to look for. Out of 12 gyms, our L5's got third place team...and we only have 3 kids! That made them feel pretty good!

We told him that he looked too serious last year (almost like he was being forced to be there, lol) we told him he needed to loosen up a bit and enjoy himself. He seemed to be having a pretty good time yesterday, judging by his reactions, lol! A good mix of serious and fun!

He was especially proud of his high bar routine. he just learned his kip and flyaway within like, the last 3 weeks over Christmas break. He was able to compete them for bonus.

They awarded medals 50% deep on events and all around, and he medaled on everything, even with the text errors on pbars.

Floor 9.9 for 3rd
Pommel 10.7 for 1st
Rings 11.0(!) for 1st
Vault 9.4 for 3rd
Pbars 8.1 for 10th
High bar 9.2 for 4th
and 1st place all around with a 58.3

Not too bad for the kid who only started gym because his younger sister was getting muscles that he didn't have, lol!!!
One thing we didn't realize was that the boys L5 vault is out of 10.2. Everything else is like a 12.5 or 12.2, I think. It's very confusing and I'm still learning...

Level 5 Southwest Fun to Flip Invitational - YouTube
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YAY! Sounds like a great day :) Looks like he had a great time and did really well!!
Sounds like he had an awesome first meet!!! My DS also had his first meet of the season yesterday. I have no clue how the scoring worked--I thought it was very confusing. I am not sure what a 'good' score will be anymore! It's so much fun watching them compete.
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He just turned 12. Like I said, he started late, lol. His younger sister is a L7, but she's never seen a first place AA...the gauntlet has been thrown in our house, lol!!!
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I loved this video! He did great and it was so cool to see how incredibly pumped he was after he nailed his routines. Congrats to your son!
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