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Feb 26, 2022
I’m trying to find a good gymnastics camp for this summer. Has anyone been to dunkley’s? What is the lowest level they take? How much did you improve? I appreciate literally anything you can tell me about it :)
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Mar 24, 2022
My daughter went to Dunkleys last year in 2021 and is going to go again this year. (she's a level 7 training 8) It's an awesome summer camp experience - small and family-run. Beautiful setting on a lake in Vermont. While you will do a lot of gymnastics at Dunkleys, it's not a high performance type of camp (perhaps like IGC or Woodward). I think they'll take any level as long as you fall within the age range. I wouldn't say she came back an improved gymnast, she had a blast and did lots of fun gymnastics and tons of other fun camp things like tubing on the lake, theme nights, campfires, etc. If you're looking for a fun camp with gymnastics, this is a good fit. If you're looking for a high performance super skills-based camp, I would look elsewhere. Hope this helps!
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