earings in competition??

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hey all

i just got my second ear peircing and i have to wear earings for the first 6 months

i am going to Las Vegas for a meet in february and i dont know if i am allowed to wear earings

does anyone know if we are allowed to wear earings?
My daughter is L4 and she is allowed only a stud type earring. Not sure if it USAG rules or just coach rule. I accidently left her usual small (hard to get off) hoop in her ears at one meet and she came up to me in the middle of the meet to help her get them off, LOL

My understanding is you can wear one set of stud earrings. When my daughter had her second holes done she just took out the 1st holes til they healed. Now she takes out one or the other. She is level 10 and no problems with uniform deductions.
Not open for further replies.