For Parents Easier, more difficult events L8 to L9

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My kid just moved to Level 8 and bars have always been uneven (get it??) but her weakest event right now is beam, while her strongest event right now is vault. Historically beam has been her best event and vault her worst, with floor being pretty solid and bars being unpredictable. I'm pretty sure she'll be repeating 8 next year. Level 9 seems like an even bigger leap than Level 8!
My daughter is in her first year of 9 and bars has been a struggle for her. She won bars at state in level 8 with a 9.8 but she is really struggling with the swing half to overshoot transition. However, she spent most of her training season injured (6 injuries total) so that probably slowed her down quite a bit. When we go to meets, there are definitely a lot of scratches on bars and it appears that a lot of girls struggle with the release. I would say, for my daughter, second is probably floor, then vault and the easiest for her has been beam (although beam seems to make her the most nervous at meets). The event struggles change every season but the jump from level 8 to level 9 has definitely been the worst so far. Level 9 is such a hard level and nothing quite prepares them for that release.
In terms of scoring, I was told to be prepared for really different numbers on bars. We've had several meets where first place doesn't break 9.0. It definitely seems to be the hardest jump.