WAG Easiest (or easier) platinum floor routines

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Some of our platinums do:
Switch Leap to Jump (tuck, pike, straddle, wolf being the most common)
1.5 turn or full turn with leg up

Another option:
FHS step out RO
Sissone, switch leap, jump
Full turn
Front Pike

But most of ours do:
Switch leap, jump
Full or 1.5 turn depending on the kid
Front pike
Here are some "easy" passes you might be able to do:
  • Front handspring front tuck
  • Roundoff back tuck
  • Roundoff back handspring back tuck
  • Punch front pike
  • Front handspring stepout roundoff back tuck
  • Front tuck front tuck
  • Front tuck stepout front handspring
It seems to me you need a "salto" (so a flip without your hands touching ground) in both passes for a 10.0 SV. I've just listed passes with tucks because in general they are the "easiest", but whips, layouts and pikes are also saltos. You also need 1 "B" element, which could be a front pike. I don't think Xcel has restrictions on needing both back and front tumbling, so I think any combination of these will work.

If you don't get your B element in your tumbling, you'll need to get it into your dance. I believe a switch leap is a B, so if you have that you are set. If not, maybe you can do a B jump at the end of your leap pass? You need a "dance series with two elements".
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