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Jan 9, 2008
Has your gym done anything to save money because of the poor economy? I was glad that our gym fees did not increase by much this year, I think it increased by 15.00 per month but daughters hours increased by 2 per week. We were supposed to get new leos but were are using the our old ones so, the girls are able to trade them for size so it will save us from having to buy new ones. First my daughter was alittle upset but she got over it. She also opted out of one of the far travel meets our optionals were supposed to attend. I was actually impressed how much our gym owner took into consideration of how the economy has affected alot of the parents and the sport in general.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
LOL, I could probably post all night about this one. We had to switch gyms because old gym owners must not think economy was that bad. Or, he knew it was bad and maybe not doing well, so jacked the prices to keep himself afloat. Anyway, old gym prices were increased over $100.00 at first and then lowered a little less than 100/month for tuition after many parents complained on all levels. Still, my hubby is a state employee and there hasn't been overtime for him which helped gymnastics tuition these past 5 years. A group of us from same level tried to negotiate some, like fund raising as a group instead of whole gym, less meets, ect..but not meant to be I guess. New gym hasn't changed their prices in years. As a matter of fact their upper level girls are not paying more than $300.00 I believe! We asked them point blank why they can continue to maintain lower fees during these hard times and they have been in bussiness long time, have some other area in gym that generate add'l fees like competative cheer & huge rec group. They understand economy is bad right now and said next year fees will go up. I am fine with that, it still can't be anywhere near what old gym was. New gym doesn't do as many meets and I am also fine with that. I have busy kids and hectic schedule. It's easier if I don't do 9 meets in a 5 month period, LOL! They are not into glitzy leos and warm-ups and they find inexpensive team leotards. I like that new owners have a better understanding of middle class families and gymnasts vs. old gym who loved all the rich moms & families & just kept saying gymnastics is expensive, so basically deal with it. Probably could make an episode about some of them on that new "make it or break it" show, LOL

I am also curious if other gyms tightened their belts to keep their teams in this economy or were like my old gym & just said "too bad" and raised tuitions anyway! Great question!

It's great that your gym owner has taken this economy into consideration. Me and DD still cry when our gym's name is mentioned. We still miss old coach, gym and friends. We are learning to accept the situation since we had no choice but to leave, and we are starting to finally transition, liking some new coaches and making new friends. I don't have to buy a warm up this year becasue new gym is getting new ones next year and told us not to worry, just get anything for now. And, we are getting new leos, but becasue it will be new, should last DD a couple years. She just had huge growth spurt.


Jun 24, 2008
My gym might be the exception, but the economy hasn't seemed to affect team at all. We're getting new leos, and tuition increased by about $15/month earlier this summer. It was the first bump in about 5 years, though, so that might have been overdue. Our tuition is still lower than what most people on CB pay. We've actually increased the number of travel meets for optionals (all are still within the region, though). However, we have a lot of fundraising opportunities, so it's entirely possible for parents to not have any booster club fees.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Our tuition has remained the same, and is very reasonable. We have a lot of things that could be cut so to speak during these hard times but they are not being cut. For example, team camp after most of the team had already gone to a week long camp out of state. We are now getting ready for a performance at a local festival, we had to purchase matching leotards for but the cost was reasonable. Owner will work with you if you talk to her. I am still paying for camp on an installment plan : )

We have noticed a drop in rec class numbers, which I know is where the $ is. But the preschool classes are full and we have had to add those.

It is hard on all the team parents right now, especially those with multiple kids on team.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Well it appears that our tuition is staying the same as last yr! Still had to buy new comp leo (we do this every yr) and a new warm up (we were due!)

This is also a costly summer because dd needs a new floor routine and we are required to pay for a new beam routine. I'll be happy when the summer is over.

Oh, our gym only does 1 flyaway so tha isn't that bad and we get several months notice so I can budget for it.


Proud Parent
Apr 14, 2009
Region 8
Our Gym Fees went up $15 a month. We are not getting new Leos (but we don't get new ones every year anyway) we got new warm ups last season. We haven't got out meet schedule yet so I am not sure about the fees. Well, we did get a bill for Flip Fest Invitational which is due on August 31st. I can say that meet fee increased over $30 from last year.



Fees went up about $20 a month--not too bad. They did eliminate a travel meet this year to help us save money. Still getting new leos and warm-ups though! Our booster club fundraises a lot and covers all meet fees (now at least), so that helps out quite a bit.


Before summer, rec was actually growing but team seemed to be dwindling. Parents seemed willing to cut out small things to get their kids in a rec class but some were cutting multiple rec days.

For team, I will probably ride with one of the parents to cut out mileage costs and food per diem. Probably gonna try to schedule meets as local as possible.
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