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Oct 31, 2021
I’m so confused about my daughters elbow pain. She is 9, level 4, only 12 hours a week. Developed some soreness that was limiting some movements so took her to kids ortho. X-ray was normal. Said maybe olecranon apophysitis. She has been resting and doing PT but progress is so slow. They say she needs to have no pain on extension before doing any weight bearing which I understand. I guess they are worried about developing OCD. But the problem is she’s 9 and they keep asking her about pain to which she answers ‘maybe a 1 or 2”. She has never complained about any pain at home. She tends to be anxious - I wish they would just examine her instead of continuing to ask leading questions. I obviously want her to express how she feels and haven't intervened - any thoughts?
Elbows are hard to examine and image. My DD had elbow issues and we saw some great orthropedists. They all said the same thing. So they rely a lot of on what they are told in terms of pain and motion. And slow recovery is true. But consider how much you use your elbows in every day life, you want to make sure that the injury is healed and not make it worse. You really don't want to develop OCD, it can be a nightmare.
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