OT Elbow pain :(

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Jan 20, 2023
On Friday, I did a back handspring on grass. Nothing was wrong with the back handspring, but my elbow randomly started hurting (4.6/10) the next day, I went to gymnastics and my elbow still hurt when I did back handsprings (I can still do handsprings on the tramp and I can do everything else, just not handsprings). I haven’t done any gymnastics. I went outside again today (Wednesday) and did a backhandspring. My elbow was fine. I did another. The pain came back. I don’t understand what’s wrong or what could’ve happened. I just recovered from my first injury (back strain or something) a month ago and it took sooo long to heal I don’t want to go through that so soon again. I know gymnastics is full of injuries but I wasn’t able to do ANYTHING I couldn’t walk that well, I couldn’t stand up or sit down I couldn’t do anything and I’m finally able to go back to gymnastics but now I’m injured again. I don’t even do gymnastics much, especially since I only go to class on saturdays. I’ve rested completely, put heat and ice but it didn’t work I guess. Any ideas as to what happened and what I can do? I’ve asked my mom and she doesn’t know.