Parents Emily and Madi Meet reports:)

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Sorry I have been absent lately but this year I have a job too so it makes posting to the board as much as I want to almost next to impossible sometimes...
Anyway, Emily has had two meets since I last posted an update.
She had the Diamond Jewel Invitational on Jan 17th. She scored a season high of 8.8 on the Vault and took first place out of 23 (9) year olds... This is the first time she has ever taken first on Vault in her gymnastics career:) She didn't do as well on bars this meet and scored an 8.65 but she was a bit loose in this meet, she took 5th place out of those 23 (9) year olds,
Beam she went overtime and was wobbly and got an 8.75 and took 7th place, then she scored an 8.65 on Floor and I think she was totally underscored but oh well... She took 11th or something on Floor...
Anyway, she finished up placing 5th in the all around with a 34.85. However out of those top 5... ONly Emily and another girl were from Kansas, the other 3 were from Arkansas so they won't be at our state meet:)

Okay now to last weekend.....
KC Co-ed Invitational:
Emily started off on Beam this meet... She was wobbly again even after like 10 perfect no wobble routines on the night before... grrrrrrr.... I wish these beam nerves would go away this year. Anyway, she scored an 8.85 and took 7th place out of 21 (9) year olds. Then we went to floor and she scored another 8.85 and another good routine but still can't crack 9s on floor. She did place 4th though out of the 21 (9) year olds.
Then we went to vault:) She got an 8.6 but another 1st place Vault:) Then Bars and well another good routine but still loose a bit so only an 8.7. She took 5th place:)
However, this time she got a 35.0 all around score and placed 2nd in the AA between 2 second year level 5s both from Missouri so again... Not Kansas girls so doesn't matter lol for State:) Emily's next meet is Feb 8th in the afternoon in Belton, Missouri at the Cupid Classic... They have 610 entries for this meet... huge.... of course that is all levels but still

Okay Madison...
Madi competed at KC Coed for Level 3 and well they decided to deduct for spotting and bonus skills were not counted.
Madi got her round off back handspring about 3 days before the meet so the coach let her compete it in her routine.
She did great:) She took second with a 9.05 on Floor and that is without having the round off back handspring count as a bonus.
She fell on beam but still got an 8.5. Bars she was spotted on her Stride circle so she got an 8.0... She did better on vault this week... Vault is not her thing but got an 8.2
She just doesn't get the punching on the spring board thing at all.
OKay Videos...
Here they are...
Level 3 Floor KC Co-ed Invitational ....
YouTube - Madison 2009 KC Co-ed Invitational Level 3 gymnastics Floor Exercise. Jan 25th, 2009
Okay Emily.... starting with the Diamond Jewel Invitational... 5th place All Around 34.85, 1st place Vault 8.8, 5th place bars 8.65, 7th place beam 8.75 and 10th or 11th on Floor 8.65... can't remember...
okay Diamond Invite Floor Ex
YouTube - Emily 2009 Level 5 Diamond Jewel Invitational Floor Exercise

Diamond Invite Beam
YouTube - Emily 2009 Level 5 Diamond Jewel Invitational Balance Beam

Diamond Invite Bars
YouTube - Emily 2009 Level 5 Diamond Jewel Invitational Uneven bars

Diamond Invite Vault 2
YouTube - Emily Level 5 2009 Diamond Jewel Invitational Vault 2
Diamond Invite Vault 1
YouTube - Emily Level 5 2009 Diamond Jewel Invitational Vault 1
Okay now for the KC Co-ed Invitational which was last week hosted by Emerald City Gymnastics from Overland Park... But the meet was way in Missouri by Worlds of Fun... ugh.
Emily 2nd place AA with a 35.00, 1st place Vault with a 8.6, 5th place bars with an 8.7, 7th place beam with an 8.85, and 4th place floor with an 8.85

Emily KC Co-ed Vault
YouTube - Emily 2009 KC Co-ed Invitational Level 5 Vault Jan 24th, 2009

Emily KC Co-ed Bars
YouTube - Emily 2009 KC co-ed Invitational Level 5 Uneven Bars

Emily KC Co-ed Beam
YouTube - Emily 2009 KC Co-ed Invitational Level 5 gymnastics beam Jan 24th, 2009

Emily KC Co-ed Floor Exercise
YouTube - Emily 2009 KC Co-ed Invitational Level 5 gymnastics Floor Exercise Jan 24th, 2009
Lovely to see you here Melissa, totally get the time thing. Wow the girls have certainly been improving steadily. I totally get the vault thin, T never placed on vault, but she did at ther last meet, totally speechless, just shows how they develop as gymnasts. Sounds like Em has a great chance at States and Madi has come along so well. Just loved her BHS, big skill for a little one.

Take care, wx
Congratulations to both girls! They are lovely gymnasts!

I agree with the vault thing, my daughter struggles with it too. Initially I thought it was just a size thing, but I've seen some little ones just own it. So, I guess it's a *Bean* thing, lol.

Canadian gym mom
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