For Parents Emily and Madi's Candy Cane Invite Results:)

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Emily had a great meet especially on bars.
She probably did the best bar routine of her life and scored a 9.25 and scored the highest out of all level 5s:) at this meet.
Beam she was more wobbly than the last meet but still scored an 8.95.
Floor looked awesome... I thought better than last time but we lost a tenth and she got a 8.75. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties recording it so I am trying to piece the pieces that we did get together.
Vault... I thought it was a good vault but they were tough tough tough on vault and she got an 8.05.
Overall they didn't award individual ribbons at our home meet and only did the AA. Emily placed 1st in the AA with a 35.0 for 9 year olds.
I sat in awee over her bars though all night. She has made leaps and bounds on bars this past week with staying tighter and casting higher and being more agressive on bars in general:)

Okay Madi....
Madi had a great first meet that you would think she has been competing forever already.
We got 1st rotation on beam and Madi got to go first out of our 11 level 3s. She stuck everything and did the bonus skill of the level 4 dismount instead of a level 3 dismount and stuck it even:) She scored an amazing 9.5 .... I sat there in aweee... Madi ended up with the 2nd highest beam score out of all 27 level 3s.
Then she was off to floor:) She didn't forget her routine and made all her skills. She ended up with a 9.1.
Vault was next and well that is Madi's worst event... She doesn't get the run and jump on the board thing so they had her do a dive roll instead of doing the level 4 vault.
She got a 7.4.
Then we went to bars and Madi did great. She was spotted for her stride circle but her form was good:)
Madi got a 8.8 on bars today.
Madi ended up taking 10th out of 27 level 3s. They didn't age them out... So Madi stood among girls who were anywhere from 5-13. There were only 8 5-7 year olds so all and all Madi did great:)
I am impressed with how Madi is on form at her age. I really am.

Okay now the videos...
Emily Vault 8.05 score
YouTube - Emily Level 5 Vault - Candy Cane
Emily Bars 9.25 score
YouTube - Emily Level 5 Bars - Candy Cane Dec 19th, 2008
Emily Beam 8.95 score
YouTube - Emily Level 5 Beam - Candy Cane Dec 19th, 2008

Madi Vault 7.4 score
YouTube - Madison Level 3 Vault - Candy Cane Dec 20th, 2008

Madi Bars 8.8 score
YouTube - Madison Level 3 Bars - Candy Cane Dec 20th, 2008

Madi Beam 9.5 score
YouTube - Madison Level 3 Beam - Candy Cane Dec 20th, 2008

Madi Floor 9.1 score
YouTube - Madison Level 3 Floor - Candy Cane Dec 20th, 2008


Wow, Mel! Sounds like your girls had awesome meets!!! Tell them both congratulations! They should be very proud. :)


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
They did great! Emily's bars were really awesome. Madi is on her way to being just like her big sister! Hope they had a blast.


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Feb 26, 2007
Their videos are wonderful, they both did a great job, so impressed with Emily poise, she seems do much older than she is. Madi is beyond cute.


Way to go! I love first meets. Those are some GREAT results. You should be VERY proud!

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Great job by both girls!! Madi is just too cute and Emily has grown up in front of our eyes!! She looks so mature out there competing now---nice long line. She certainly rocked on bars!


Great Job!

:)They both looked awesome! Emily is so graceful on bars!!

gym mom

Active Member
Sep 8, 2007
Your girls did great! Emily's bar defintly rock ,way to go on 1st AA and Madi is very cute she did great for her 1st meet.
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