Parents Emily and Madi's last week meet report

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Well I am sorry it took so long to update this all. I have been slamming busy lately.
Emily did great despite running a fever of 100 + right smack in the middle of the meet.
She started on bars and they were tough and she score a 7.55
Then beam she tapped out since we still didn't have our back walkover and then it is floor when I realized she had the chills and was holding her back and looking run down. I couldn't go out and get her anything at that point even though this was a home meet for us.
She was second to last to go on floor and scored a 8.65 but kind of stumbled on her back walkover a bit.
Then vault was last and she scored did awesome and scored a 9.05. She ended up taking 4th on vault but first was a tie with a 9.15 and 3rd place was 9.1.
Madi improved by leaps and bounds.
Madi started on vault and scored an amazing 8.85:) I was so proud of my stinky. I have never seen her do her vault so well as she did that night.
Then bars she did awesome with a great save on her mill circle and scored an 8.1
Then beam... She forgot her routine in the middle and needed the coach to remind her what was next but it wasn't wobbly at all and she got an 7.8
Then floor... She almost fell fwd on the round off back handspring rebound at the end of the routine but the rest looked great and she got a 7.9. Madi qualified for state with an all around of 32.65 which was almost a 5 point improvement from her first level 4 meet. She did awesome.
Videos if you haven't peeked. I know my subscribers from the group all had the chance to see as they have been up all week are at my youtube.
The meet is the Premier Dynamite Cup on November 8th.
Thank you all:)
I saw them on youtube last week and I was so impressed. Nice improvements and Enily did so well for a sick little girl.
Sounds like the girls did great! A big improvement for Madi 5 points higher than the last meet, that's huge! And Kudos to Emily for competing while under the weather. I know that can be very difficult (my dd ended up sick during a meet last year). It's tough to battle through competing with a fever, and I think Emily did an awesome job! Great stick on the 1st vault landing! Way to go Girls!!!
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Thanks for posting the video! Emily competed really well for being ill. Impressive vault!
Way to go Madi on having such a great vault! I love when you see the progress the girls are making!
Just wanted to say congrats again to the girls. Already commented on YouTube and FB. :D
Congrats to both your girls. Madison's improvement was huge! Her bars were great!! Congrats to her on qualifying for state. I thought Emily's floor was lovely. What a great job she did with a fever! Now that she has her bwo, she will be rocking!

Congrats to both of your girlies! They did great! Way to go to Madi on qualifying for States! Emily did awesome and then throw in that she was sick...well really awesome! I don't know how these girls do it. They are so tough! Congrats again to both of your gymmies!
Way to go Madi qualifing for states and some huge improvements!!!! Poor Emily what crappy timing to start running a fever which will suck all your energy.She is a trooper and finished strong!!!!
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