For Parents Emily is now doing Standing BackTucks and doing it for an exhibition

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
a few weeks ago, Emily got her standing back tucks which is a bonus skill on their check off charts.
The girls from our gym have an exhibition at town festival in a few weeks and Emily is one of 4 level 5s that are doing it with the optional girls. There is only like 2 level 6s that are doing it too in that group.
Emily is also doing ariel cartwheels which she has had for a while but only one of the few level 5s/6s that are doing them too.
Madi started doing standing backhandsprings on my bed... yikes...
She has never done them on flat surfaces just the cheese mats and now she is doing on them on my bed... I guess it is starting. Madi is so cute and has such cute form... I love watching her. However, I think Madi is indeed going to compete level 3 after all. She just isn't getting her front hip or shoot through on bars or the level 4 dismount on beam.
I am okay with that though because she is only 6. But she is getting her backhandsprings though:) I just hope she can continue practicing them with the level 3s when we move back to the level 3 team.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Wow! Emily is just doing amazing. I always think of Emily when I look at my girl. She improved so much and her form just has become amazing. My kid doesn't quite get the form thing yet, she is just super excited to be able to do any tricks. LOL.

Madi is coming along so much as well. I remember when DD started doing BHSs on our bed and now she is doing them across the floor. LOL. It is so much fun to see them work so hard and then finally get it. It took DD a long time to get her front hip and mill circle, They really didn't work them until she moved to team, so almost 5 months to get them. She has her mill circle pretty consistent and her front hip is so new that it is hit or miss. She is far from having her dismount on beam though. I wish they did L3 here for competition. It would be fun, though I am glad they don't in a way because we are low on funds right now and I am actually relieved that she isn't competing till spring because falls meet fee total is almost $400. Yikes.

Tell your girls to keep up the hard work and congrats! Madi should have fun doing L3 and hopefully they up train so she will keep getting to work on the L4 skills. Emily is going to awesome at L5!
Jan 10, 2008
Sounds like Emily is really improving and enjoying the new gym. I bet she is excited that she is able to do all those advanced skills. She must be a very determined and motivated gymnast.

I bet Madi will have a great season as a level 3. It sounds like your new gym will be working on upgrading skills. I think that really keeps them excited and motivated.

Good luck with your season.


That is awesome - it sounds like they are both doing great :D


How cute!! Good luck to Emily, and it's starting with Madi...LOL. Hope they do well!
Feb 26, 2007
That is just awesome, the girls seem to be moving along so well.

Are they happy at the new gym? How is the new job?

Nice to see you around. Bog:)


Yay! Congrats to both girls! I just love that look they get when they realize that they've finally done it! My little gymmies are sending good thoughts for the upcoming exhibition!
Nov 5, 2007
Wow sounds like they are doing great.Keep going.My daughter broke one of our beds doing gymnastics.She is forbidden to do gymnastics in the house now.
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