For Parents Emily wanted pigtails this meet so this is how it turned out...

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
What do you think??
This is the style she wants to go for our big meet next weekend and for State at the end of the month... I am still unsure because for some reason... I think pigtails might cause deductions but not sure. Just worried if it flips in front of her face it is a deduction... Here are the pics.


Jan 2, 2008
Bay City, MI
I dont believe there is a deduction for pigtails. There were many girls at our state meet last year with them, and they got great scores. I would be concerned if they get in her eyes when she is doing her stuff. Put them that way before a practice and see if they get in her way.


Too cute. No deductions. I agree, let her try them out and make sure it is comfortable.
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
she competed last weekend with them like this... She got some lower scores this week but I saw other girls in pigtails too but I still am worried because the hair thing just isn't clear when they state it can't be in their face at all. So pigtail move but hopefully the curls kept them back enough.
Feb 26, 2007
My little one always wears pigtails or little buns made from them, no deductions. She like it better for her handstand forward rolls! You're getting really good at that hair thing now!!!


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Jan 4, 2008
No deductions for pigtails. But some girls find they have difficulty doing some skills with the pigtails. Any kid of backward rolls and back extention rolls and they can get in the way. ALso for some kids it can be more tempting to touch the hair when she is in the middle of a routine. I would have her hair like that for practise and watch her. See if it seems to be annoying her at all or if she touches them a lot. It's better to watch it at a practise than at a competition because at a competition they act differently and if they truly do annoy her in anyway you'll notice it when she is training.


Enjoy the hair thing while you can. When they get into the upper levels, they just want to slap it back in a pony. :)


It's adorable, but I agree with Aussiecoach about the back extension roll. We had a little girl on our team get her hands caught on her pigtails as she was doing her back extension roll and it caused her to flub the skill. I'm thinking about pigtails for Lily for this next meet, but want her to try it out to be sure it won't cause problems on floor.



Sep 9, 2007
My daughter always wears pigtails for competitions. Her coaches suggested it. Actually, she wears pigtails to most practices. When she has a ponytail, she is always tightening it.


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I think they look so cute! DD always wears pig tails or similar to practice because she has a tender head and complains about pain when doing forward rolls, back extension roll, etc, if she has a single pony. i am not sure what we will do when she has a competition some day.


Enjoy the hair thing while you can. When they get into the upper levels, they just want to slap it back in a pony. :)
Amen! I would have wrestle mine down just to braid her pony! lol! But I guess it goes in cycles. My DD has let me put tight curls in her ponytail this season.

Just a thought, a gym mom told me once that their girls were required to wear a high pony. It gave the illusion that their leaps were higher. I don't know how true that is but she certainly made a good point.
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