For Parents Emily's 1st level 6 meet results:) I think she did great for the first meet

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Since we were shorted about 2 months of training... I think Emily did great.
We got to start off on Vault... Emily's favorite event of course:)
Looked good but I think would have been better at one setting lower than she vaulted on which was a 4 or 5 not totally sure. I think she looks great on 3, good on 4 and 5 I think her blocking suffers quite a bit. Emily has it in her head that higher is better and wants it way up there alway...anyway.. Score 8.925 and 3rd place. Our girls took 1st, 2nd and 3rd on vault for 10 and under age group:) Go Girls!!!!!!!
then we went to bars:) Emily's head coach doesn't know she has her layout flyaway since she has only done it at open gym. So Emily competed the tuck flyaway. I thought she did great for her first level 6 meet... Score 7.75 and good enough for 6th place;)
then was beam and we tapped out...
won't dwell on it and just hope next week maybe we can compete beam.
Then came floor:) I thought it looked beautiful. Score 8.425
I was hoping for upper 8s but we will take it.
The gave out medals for all around to everyone so all got one. Emily place 8th out of 12 girls. I am so proud of her today:)
Okay... Night night and videos are here
Vault: YouTube - Emily Level 6 gymnastics Vault Souixland Invitational Oct. 11th, 2009

Bars: YouTube - Emily Level 6 Gymnastics Uneven Bars Souixland Invitational Oct. 11th, 2009

Floor: YouTube - Emily Level 6 Gymnastics Floor EX Souixland Invitational Oct. 11th, 2009
Aug 7, 2009
She sure did do great! Very nice!! I think her vault is lovely :)

Pity about beam, but as you said, there's still next week. I'm sure everyone's still sending BWO fairies your way.

Good luck next week - and I hope her back is OK after the 110 BWOs!!


I think she did great. Im sure she will rock beam next time.

Can I ask a question from a coaching point of view. You say the head coach does not know she has her layout fly away as she has only done it at open gym. I find that really disturbing. Firstly who is coaching her for the layout flyaway at open gym? Is she just doing it by herself. It can be a really dangerous skill. See Boos last bars (shawn). That is not uncommon. We had a girl do something similar and land on her forarms. Breaking one so badly she has metal plates right along it now and a 6 inch scar from the operation. Very ugly in every way.
I also find it worrying that her coach doesnt know what skills she has. Does the coach supervising her at the open session not feed back to her coach. I dont understand that. How do they communicate her training needs and development so her coach can plan where she is. Do you not worry that she will learn something in a slightly different way from a different coach (or no coach at all?) that her coach wont like. How do you make sure that her technique is consistent and correct at open gym. I am asking because we dont have open gym here and I cant imagine how it works. When I am away I leave lots of paperwork and planning for whoever is covering my group. Then they feed back to me afterwards so I know who has done what.
You have every reason to be proud! Emily did a great job, amazing, actually, when you consider the shortened training time!

It's too bad about beam, but now she'll have some extra time to really own the routine for her next meet.

Congratulations on the success! I can't wait to get to a computer and watch her vids!


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
L6 is a notoriously tough level & I think she did great. WTG Emily! Don't worry about the beam...she'll do the BWO when she's ready;). I must say when I read your post, I had many of the same thoughts as gymnut1 regarding the layout fly away. As I recall the tuck & the layout have the same point value. With the safety risks, why go for the layout? Just wondering? Keep up the good work Emily:D!


Proud Parent
May 21, 2008
Here is another question about the layout flyaway. Is it worth more points? I had thought it was just an option of tuck or layout. Also, if you layout is piked at the waist, do they deduct for that? Our L6 only do tuck, so I have no experience with this.... just wondering.
Sep 9, 2008
Congratulations on a great meet Emily and mom! She looked so confident already. Awesome job on all events! Tumbling looks sooo pretty! Beam will happen. I do not think anyone on dd's team is 100% sure on their bwo's. We'll all be holding our breath on our first meet! I'll be holding mine on several events! :eek:


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Already commented on Facebook, but way to go Emily!! Those were some great scores for level 6 and I think she is looking very good. She wouldn't have even been competing yet at her old gym, so she is doing really well. That is a huge vault score for L6. I know she will get it all pulled together eventually. Sending her beam vibes!!
I just watched the vids and must say WOW! I guess I'm *completely* clueless about scoring because I thought the bars looked incredible, and Bean did too! I would have guessed at least high 8 to low 9. Man, I should have been a judge, lol!

Thanks for sharing her first meet with us! We're looking forward to watching her progress throughout the season!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Way to go Emily! Great meet! I am curious also regarding the tuck or layout flyaway dismount value differential. I saw Boo's video (she has come so far so fast--it is like watching a different kid!) of the layout flyaway---very scary skill when your feet get caught up in the bar. Good luck with the BWO on beam--she will get that skill soon enough.


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Feb 26, 2007
What a great job Emily did. I can see it's all great from here. Can't wait to see that layout off bars.


Great job Emily! She looks wonderful already. I'm sure that we'll be watching a beautiful beam routine video the next meet. I thought her floor was low. I know that L6 is horrible scoring, but come on. I love her side leap!


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Great job Emily! 8th place AA for only 3 events? Wow :)

Re: tuck vs. layout - my big DD always did tuck. Why? Don't know, they all did tucks for L6. However, Little Monkey was taught to do only layout, while her teammate does a tuck. When she had the "hurt toe" fear, I asked why didn't you just do a tuck then. She said she doesn't know how ???? Is the layout a progression ot something? L7 dismount maybe? I can't remember how but I think big DD did layout as L7.


A couple comments here. Boo's fall on bars scared me half to death and took about ten years off my life. But it just made her mad. She said that's why she moved on to do so well on beam was because she was mad at herself for falling on bars.

It is my understanding that 1) a tuck flyaway can incur more deductions than a layout (because there are deductions for not opening out soon enough that don't apply to the layout position), and 2) the layout flyaway is more progressive to other optional dismounts. Boo's coach says that he would rather take some deductions on a layout than have a gymnast do a perfect tuck, simply because they'll "want to move to optionals sooner or later".
I think she did great for her first Level 6 meet! For any meet really :) Her bars were really nice and so was her floor. I know that the BWO on beam is a skill that causes a lot of issues with girls. She will be give a shining beam performance before you know it :)
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I like the idea of showing a skill 3 times in succession 2 practices in a row to get it passed. I hope she gets the chance before next meet to do that. good luck for next meet. We dont have open gym here so I dont really have any knowledge of how it works. From a coaching point of view it sounds a nightmare to me. Id hate to do the risk assessment for that one. LOL.

Boo is a fighter, she is rocking level 6.
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