For Parents Emily's 2nd level 6 meet and Madison's first ever level 4 meet

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Well the judges were brutal is how I will start this...
I am new to this state and heard that the Nebraska judges were tough but wow.....
Let's start with Madi...
She has improved so much in the past week with these routines... I was so proud of her.
Madi got to start on bars and did awesome till she got to the back hip circle and she fell, ugh...
then beam... wobble wobble wobble 6.6:( no falls though but Emily's first ever level 4 beam routine was a 6.6 too... too weird..
then floor... I thought it looked pretty good. She seemed lost after the backward roll for a sec but other than a few bent legs and a low split leap... not bad... definitely better than Emily did her very first level 4 meet.
However, Madi scored a lousy 7.3:((( I would have thought 8.5-8.7
Vault... always Madi's weakest event and first time... didn't make it... second time made it with bent knees and 7.5
they didn't do any placing at this meet just ribbons on their cards and no all around... Everyone got a teddy bear.
Madi's level 4 team also did not place... All girls are young and other teams had a lot of older girls on it.

Okay Emily...
Emily too started on bars... Almost fell on squat on when she stood up but just circled the arms but scored considerably better than last week... 8.5 and took 2nd place
Then scratch on beam again:( only one more meet for her to qualify to compete state:( Damn back walkover fear.
Floor... gorgeous routine for Emily and much better than last week which was an 8.45 but mean judges... 8.15... 3rd place. I would have given it a 8.65-8.85
Vault... mmmmm steps seemed off today on both vaults...
8.725 and 2nd place.
So if we could just get beam moving we are looking like high high 33s to 34 all around and maybe if we got rid of a few bent knees on bars which is a new little tap swing habit, ugh.... and get those darn casts and clear hip higher we would be in the 9s. I think beam could definitely be in the low 9s if we got out back walk over and vault I know can be:) So I am hoping we can get this back walk over for the next meet which is a home meet and then nail everything and get like a 35 AA:)
Okay That's our meet report... Videos are at youtube...
I missed Madi's bars by accident but dad got them just he went to Texas today so I am sure it will be a week before I see those.
YouTube - melmonette's Channel
Congratulations to your girls on great meets! I like that they do ribbons and no placements for the younger ones. It gives them more time to love the sport, minus the pressure. Our 8 and unders are done similarily, with ribbons for all, but with Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Merit, based on predetermined scores. That way parents know the range of score, but only coaches get to know the score as no scores are flashed.

Emily seems to be doing a very solid job. I can't wait to see her beam. We're sending all of the Ontario BWO fairies your way, keep them and put them to work from now until the home meet!

And your little one deserves a medal for how determined she was to stay on that beam!! I've never seen anyone give it more than she did. Even my non gymnast 9 year old was impressed!!

Good job to them both, and good luck at the home meet!!


Congrats on the improvements for Emily from last week (sorry the judges didn't reflect that though). I'm sure Emily will have that bwo for the next meet.

good job Madi, your first ever level 4 meet is down, phew! Now you can breathe easier and enjoy your next meet without any stress about it. Congrats on doing so well for your first meet.


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Feb 26, 2007
Congrats on another meet under the belts. It is always hard when the judges are tough, it is okay when the routines are all judge the same way but it is very hard when the girls need the scores to qualify for states. It is amazing how scoring can vary so much, especially when we have video to compare. Another reason to set goals for meets. I am sure it was lovely for the girls to have Dad at their meet.

Madi, Baby Bog did exactly the same as you on her first vault last year, in fact she once splatted both vualts. We call it the forgotten meet, 'cos we have forgotten about it! Everyone does it at some meet. You impressed me so much on beam, last tme I got up there and realised how narrow it was I got right back down again.

Emily, your floor is divine, and the judges are clearly nuts, but you know that already. Your bars are looking great, and your vualt always looks awesome to me. Still a graceful, Nastia like, gymnast to watch. I am sure that beam BWO will come in time, Baby Bog is working hard on hers too, one day it will just click and you'll be wondering why it felt so challenging. Gymnastics is like that!

Mel, good for you and the cheering squad keeping the girls motivated, it was lovely to hear the background cheers. Great job!!!
Sep 9, 2008
Congrats to both girls for great meets! LOVE the teddy bear idea! That is so cute for the little ones! What a fun meet! Emily's floor was beautiful! Emma remarked on how she kept her chin up! Emma hears "chin up" a million times at practice. Emily's vault and bars were awesome as well. The scores did seem low. We thought they both did a great job!
Oct 2, 2009
Congrats to them!! This sport is like no other and young girls are put under a lot of pressure. When they come out of it smiling, confident and having fun with their friends, who cares what the judges say?

Will her coaches not even let her try beam without the BWO. I would think a low score is better than no score. Isn't it only a .5 deduction for missing skill? Then she may even get some confidence in the rest of the routine and not be so concerned of the BWO.

Anyway sending well wishes their way for their next competition!
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Thank you everyone:)
You are all way to sweet for watching and all the great comments.
Oh I forgot to mention that Emily's level 6 team took first with a 107 something... Which is the same score as last week which we took 2nd only .4 points from placing first in that meet too:)
I am proud of our girls:):)
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Baby bog is going to do awesome too this year:) Emily is her rooting for her and big bog of course too.
Shari:) Tell Emma thank you:) Emily struggles with keepiing her head up but this year she has started really working on it:) I noticed it when she was competing too how well she was doing it.
No:( they must have all skills to compete the event and no spotting allowed. Just gym rules... Some gyms are more lenient and spot and stuff but rules are rules and they stick with theirs no matter what and we accept that:) For Emily, it has nothing to do with the skill itself because she can do it... It is all fear and mental and we don't get past her standing there with her arms in the air ready to go but no movement... Just freezes... Tonight she just nailed one after another on the hotdog beam then went to medium high reg beam with a pad and nothing... back to hotdog nailed them back to med beam... nothing... over and over again the entire 45 min beam rotation...
I wish I could turn off the fear... ugh...


That back tumbling fear is the big one isn't it. I seem to hear of it and see it more and more as my dd goes along. We have lost several girls to it who haven't got past it. I dont have any magic advice. I would love to have some though because I know 2 little girls at gym who need it so bad. If you find out any good advice for it please share! I hope she gets there for next week. Good Luck! They both did great.

I don't think the scores are as important as you think. Goals are far more important. Our scoring is different in the UK and no one really takes much notice of scores. Placements and achieving goals are more important and Emily did really great.


Actually sounds typical to what judges here would give. And we don't do places for level 4 here either--it's a State USAG rule for us (can only do achievement awards for level 4 & 5--heck, level 4 we can't even flash scores!)
Sep 8, 2007
Congrat to Emily & Madi!!!They have had alot of adjusting to do in the last year.
I looked back at Emily's 1st meet madi looks very similar those woobles will disapear with time ,Look what a beautiful gymnast Emily is now! That is a great idea for the little ones with no placements just ribbons and I am sure she was happy about her teddy!
Emily is looking great I think L6 is notorious on scoring low.I have seen many girls have lots of fear isuues with that BW on beam .I will be crossing my fingers that she will overcome her fear soon!


Proud Parent
Oct 13, 2008
Melissa -

Congrats to both of your gymmies!

From experience, I can tell you that the backward tumbling on beam is a HUGE hurdle. My DD is still struggling as she works a 6-7 combo season. It is definitely a mental thing. I have watched several of the clips from Peaceful Warrior and am planting several of the seeds from that movie when we talk about things. One of the biggest is "empty the trash" meaning the mental trash that is holding her back. I have asked her to remind herself to "take out the trash" before she works beam; we are seeing some progress.

As for the judging, I have commented before that the first year of level 6 was tough! The judges in our state seem to be sending a message - level 6 is the level to get serious or get out. The judges seem to be looking to reward the girls that "get it" and have all of the little things as well as the skills.

Good Luck for the rest of the season.

Aug 2, 2008
east coast
Does your daughter have a plan for how to get her backwalkover? When gymnats have fears, I have THEM set up a plan/timeline for how they will get the skill. I have them print out a calendar, then they write on each day they have practice what their plan is- on the low beam, moving to the meduim beam, etc. The plan should show a realsitic progression, and it really helps the kids feel comfortable and in control of the skill. The timeline has to come from her though! The kids hang it at the gym & they are responsible for kepping track if the plan- is moving forward or if it needs to be adjusted over time. She should not be standing up there w/ her arms up & not going- she is just practicing a bad habit.

Also, I would really try not to focus on what you think should be happening or what score you think she should get. Its very obvious from your posts that you are stressed about this issue too, which does not help her. The inconsisitent scoring in gymnastics is a part of it... so she should focus on what she can control ... better form, higher cast, etc... whatever HER goals are. Hope this helps!
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Thanks guys...
Her coaches are much more patient and better at this fear issue than I am, lol.
They don't let her stand there most of the time because they know that it isn't a good thing.
Emily was doing them on high beam with a pad 3 weeks ago and then bam... tried it once without a pad, freaked herself out somehow... her hands were both on the beam which is her biggest fear with this skill but somehow is back to deathly afraid of it.
Level 6 is tough... I know... she isn't doing that badly outside of not getting this back walkover due to fear. She isn't as flexible as some girls in the shoulder so I guess that is why she is afraid of missing her hands even though she never does. We got her contacts thinking maybe it was a vision issue too... she wears glasses but doesn't during gymnastics... She wore them the first time yesterday and well it worked great on the hotdog beam.. she must have done 60 of them without falling but move her up and bam... can't even begin to move backwards. So immediately back to hotdog beam. She just has to get it out of her head... They have her say her words like you are suggesting which should clear her head but she doesn't... Maybe tonight will be our magic night but I know even if she did it tonight, Thursday is like step one again... grrrrrrrrr
that is how bad she has it...
However jumping to the high bar, flyaways and the level 4 dismount on beam were all big huge fear things too and now she does them like they were never ever a problem...


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I think Emily looks just beautiful out there. She is competing before she would have if you guys hadn't moved and is doing great. I am sending her BWO on beam vibes. I know I would never have the guts to do one even on floor, so even trying to me is HUGE. I know she will get it. Nice ideas about her setting her own goals/timeline.

Madi is soo cute. I don't think I have ever seen anyone fight so hard to stay on beam. She needs a beam queen award for that. She is off to a good start. Reminded me of Abby last year around this time. I agree, she looks a lot like how Emily did at the beginning and look at Emily now!! Congrats to her on her first meet ever! She did great. :)


Does your daughter have a plan for how to get her backwalkover? When gymnats have fears, I have THEM set up a plan/timeline for how they will get the skill. I have them print out a calendar, then they write on each day they have practice what their plan is- on the low beam, moving to the meduim beam, etc. The plan should show a realsitic progression, and it really helps the kids feel comfortable and in control of the skill. The timeline has to come from her though! The kids hang it at the gym & they are responsible for kepping track if the plan- is moving forward or if it needs to be adjusted over time. She should not be standing up there w/ her arms up & not going- she is just practicing a bad habit.


This is a great suggestion. I think a plan is important and could really help. I shall suggest it at my gym.


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Feb 26, 2007
Baby Bog wears her glasses all the time, tumble in them too, without them it would be ugly! She has the same BWO fear, luckily she can use other A skills instead, she is also lees flexible than her team mates and has missed her hand on the beam, not fun at all.

I love Gymch34's suggestion, it give the gymmie the power to help themselves.

Baby Bog may also be only competing 3 of 4 this season, it's what she chose, but it is hard on them when they get to meets and start to feel that they "can't" do it.


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Mar 20, 2009
Great job for both girls! It is always a relief to get past that 1st meet! And Emily seems to be very consistent! I love the teddy bear idea! My DD would probably enjoy that more than a trophy!! Too cute!


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Nov 15, 2008
Congrats to both of your girls! We loved watching the videos! My dd loves the teddy bear idea, I wish they did stuff like that here. We need some crazy hair, pajama wearing, teddy bear meets too:)! I bet your older dd has that bwo SOON! She has lovely floor!! And I agree, you little one had glue on those feet on beam....very impressive, what a fighter!!
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