Parents Emily's First Level 5 Meet Videos

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Here they are:)
Let us know what you think:) We all love your opinions.

Floor 3rd place 8.85
YouTube - Emily Level 5 Floor Exercise 2008 Judges Cup

Balance Beam 1st place 9.075
YouTube - Emily Level 5 Balance Beam Judges Cup Dec 6th, 2008

Uneven Bars 1st Place 8.7
YouTube - Emily Level 5 Uneven Bars Judges Cup Dec 6th, 2008

Vault 4th Place 8.45
YouTube - Emily Level 5 Vault Judges Cup Dec 6th, 2008 vault 2
YouTube - Emily level 5 Judges Cup Dec 6th, 2008 vault 1

Oh and bonus funny....
Emily's bar warm up but we thought she was competing
this is a great routine and I wish this was the one that was judged...
YouTube - Emily level 5 bars warmup but we all got tricked and though she was competing, lol
Thank you for all watching in advance... We are very happy to be competing again after a long long almost 9 months...
emily did great! what a wonderful way to start off her season. :D
oh, she did so great!! Hugs to you both!!

And that is too funny about the warm up bar routine. I laughed out loud. Thanks for the chuckle!!
Not open for further replies.