For Parents Emily's Meet Yesterday and last one till March 1st...

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Well Emily had the last of her Meet string.... This one in our gym... The team was divided into too sessions for this meet... Ages 6,7 and 8 in the first session which started at 12... the second session was ages 9+.... We have 30 level 4s on her team but only 6 of that 30 are 8 years old, and our team doesn't have any 6 year olds and only (1) 7 year old but she wasn't competing yet and has yet to either. In addition to this information, Emily works out with a different group called the 4 stars which is the group for 2nd year level 4s, so Emily had to compete yesterday with 5 girls she doesn't know because that group has a different coach and different nights for practice. She was missing her friends and I could tell.
Emily started off great on Vault with a 9.35(a new high score for Emily)
Then we went to bars... My little bar princess warmed up great but then disaster...
Shoot through and fell back...Ugh... She never falls on bars. However, she still got an 8.5 and that was after she also casted to her back hip circle and went way away from the bar in that too:( It was pretty much a free hip to the dismount instead of a regular back hip:( She was almost in tears... I could tell right away but she had to move to beam. No time for tears... She needed to suck it up and move along. So anyway, onto beam.... Great routine and 9.15, yes... We are recovering quickly.
So now we moved to floor and she got another personal best...9.4, yes....
So overall... Emily had once again 18 girls in her age group and I would say 65% of those girls are 2nd year level 4s and all these girls will be at State with her since all the girls were Kansas teams. So here come awards....
Vault with a 9.35 and a 3rd place
Bars with a 8.5 and 12th place but no award just know that from the score sheet
Beam 9.15 and 3rd place again
Floor 9.4 and 1st place:) Go Emily!!!!!! Personal best and a 1st place Floor. She was beaming.
All around 36.4 even with the fall on bars and a 4th place finish. Not too bad in the end. I guess we are both still mourning the loss of what probably would have been a 1st place in the all around on bars since I know she does the one of most beautiful bar rountines and the bar judge really wasn't that tough either so Emily would have been in the 9.3-9.5ish range on bars had she hit it...
Anyway, on to Team awards....
there were 7 level 4 teams at this meet and Our team came in first again with a Season high of 113.9. This is after last week with our 110.8 which I thought the girls did just as well at that meet but I guess the judging was tougher. Anyway, we once again beat Diamond and KGDC which our probably 2 of the toughest competition gyms... the 3rd one is Elite but they weren't at this meet and we beat them at that Diamond meet so hopefully we just keep this up because I would really love for our team to win State this year.

I will have the videos up later today sometime.
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Feb 26, 2007
Wow, great job Emily, just think how much fun states will be, she is so ready to shine.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Great meet for Emily!! You can't dwell(and neither should she) on what might have been placement wise or you'll drive yourselves crazy. Just tell her she had a really stroing meet and showed maturity as a competitor in recovering from her fall on bars and then hitting 2 big routines on beam/floor. That is sometimes more important than going out and getting 9s on all 4 events. Sounds like she is more than ready for states. When is the big day??

Also congrats to the whole team. Tell Emily she really contributed to that team 1st place!!!


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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Thank you everyone:) I know it is hard not to dwell on what could have been in gymnastics... I am sort of glad we have a 4 week break. 3 meets in a row is really taxing.
Anyway, our next meet is March 1st and it is another home meet and then the following week we have the Pink Ribbon Invitational which pretty much all the teams at State will be at that meet. It is being hosted by the team that is hosting State too. Last year though, Pink Ribbon was our level 4s worst meet so I hope that isn't a repeat this year, plus a lot of parents were upset at that meet because it was really expensive at the door too.
Anyway, the state meet is scheduled for the weekend of the 28th-30th of March. So we have almost 2 months till state yet. Spring break is the week before State and I know some girls are going away for spring break. We are staying home and will be at practice. I think I am going to have Emily do some privates this month to refine some elements in the routines. She has really tough competition in her age group and every wobble, unpointed toe and bended knee matter.


Mar 7, 2007
Wow, she did really well. Congrats on that. Shame about bars, but I am sure she will have plenty of time to recover from it, for the next meet.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Sounded like a GREAT meet! Is the "shoot thru" the same thing as a "mill circle"? Still new to some gym terms, LOL, but that mill circle can really kill a great routine. Your DD is sooooo sooooo talented I would try not to let that worry her. Some of that stuff she will never do again anyway. I predict she will sail right thru L5 and L6 and be awesome at L7. The medals and recognition are nice for the younger girls, when they've worked so hard in the gym for those few great moments at a meet, but she will get her day to shine soon!


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Jan 5, 2008
Way to go Emily! :) A 36.4 aa is terrific... and considering she had a fall, that is really awesome! Congratulations on her two personal bests as well. 1st on floor must have been a super moment, and 4th AA is fabulous.
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