For Parents Emily's State Meet went great:) I have a State Silver Medalist in the All Around

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
We had the 1st of 3 Level 4 sessions this morning. Judges were all level 10 judges and they started off so hard on all the girls. Usually the 8 year old group is one of the top scoring groups for level 4 but today.... Not so much as the girls were judged extremely tough. We started on Floor today and had the first rotation. Emily competed last of our group and got a 9.35 so she did great:) One of her team mates got a 9.375 in her age group so I knew Emily wasn't going to win floor by the first rotation. But we kept our heads up:) Next was Vault.... Emily did a great vault, I though maybe one of the best she has done all year. However, she got a 9.225 on Vault and was outscored by her teammates 9.25. We saw several other scores just slightly higher...9.3 and 9.35 with her age group so we weren't sure how we would end up in vault... Next was bars... Yes the lovely bars and the judges were just harsh. Emily did an okay routine definitely not her worst but not her best... However, 8.9 was her score... Only 2 9s from teamates and the other was the one in her age group and she got a 9.0. By 3rd session... Emily probably would have score a 9.35 on bars but they were just being evil this first session... No One was scoring well on bars in it. Okay now to beam.... which judging was vicious all day.... Emily went first in our group on beam and yesterday at practice, her coach gave her a 9.4 on beam and she used to be a judge. Emily did just as good of a routine and got a 9.1 today. However, her teammate who was edging her out all day... got a 8.3 and Emily and Megan(another teammate) were the only two to score in the 9s on beam for this session.
Okay now to the awards....
17 age 8b girls in her group... 49 total 8 year old broken up into 8a, 8b, and 8c.
Vault-10th place but no medal
Bars- 7th place and medal
Beam-2nd place(yes a silver medal for Emily)
Floor-2nd place( another silver:) yes and just edged out by .025 by her own teammate for the gold.

And All around: 36.575 and 2nd place so Emily is now the State Silver medalist champion. I was very very proud of her. We ended up letting her buy a new leo and we had state meet 2008 rhinestoned in. I took videos and lots of pictures. I am posting a link to a slideshow down below for pictures. Videos will have to wait till tomorrow.

Okay now since Emily was in the first of 3 sessions... We were there all day:) In the end... McCracken's went on to have a very decent meet day and after place 4th at Pink Ribbon Meet which was almost all the state teams...
McCracken's went on to be the 2nd place Champions:) I was so happy. We lost out to KC Elite(the gym we are switching too) I am just glad we placed that high... The top 4 teams were tenths from each other. I thought we had 3rd or 4th so I was surprised when they read the 3rd place team and it wasn't us:) We all jumped for joy that we took second in the end. Oh and beam never did get better for our girls. Emily ended up scoring in the top 3(tied with another teammate) on our entire team.
I am very proud of Emily for the whole season on beam. In every big meet, she ended up in the top 3 except one... I never considered Beam as one of Emily's strongest events but she went on and placed extremely well with tough judging for beam all year. We are done with level 4 and we are ready to tackle level 5 even though we actually won't know if we are officially level 5s until next fall, lol. However, we better not be repeating level 4... I see no reason that she should. Okay Here is the pics of my newest hair creation and pics from state... Videos will be posted tomorrow.
Thank you everyone for all your support during our meet season this year:) I luv ya all:)


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
What a super way to end the season! Congratulations to Miss Emily!!!


With scores like hers, I hope she won't have to repeat L4.
Nov 9, 2007
Way to go Emily! After all the trials and troubles this season, what a great way to end! It is so wonderful to hear that you did so well, and the future should look so bright right now. Now you get to have a fun summer of new skills, and whats better than that. I am so happy that States were all you hoped they could be.
Jan 10, 2008
Congratulations, Emily. I agree with scores like that, she won't be repeating level 4 again. That would be just plain silly!

What a great way to finish the season:)

Will you all be starting at the new gym right away? I bet she is excited for the change. Maybe a little nervous too? I'm sure it will be hard to leave the old gym as well since she has been there for so long.

Good luck will the switch.

Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
awwwwwww thank you everyone:)

I know she won't repeat but I don't want to jinx it, lol.. Yes I am superstitious like that too.
Anyway, We are finishing off at McCracken's on Monday and attending the new gym on Wednesday. Emily has to go to a full week of practice at the new gym before they make her officially part of their team. Their girls have Monday off(for a break for them) and go back to practice on Wednesday so I just am having Emily go to practice on Monday at her gym and start working more level 5:) She might go Friday to her current gym too with going to the new gym on Wednesday until we officially know if they definitely want to take her. I am sure it won't be a problem as they are excited to have her but it won't be official till after she has been there for a full week of practice.
Thank you all again:)
Emily Thanks you all too:) She is very happy and excited about her meet results:)
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