End of level 7

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gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
So DD had her last meet sunday night and it was eventfull.

She had a decent start on floor 8.45 . She really needs to learn to get up on her toes UGH!! Then baucked (sp) 2 vaults pulled out the last one and got a 9.45 and 2nd place. This is her highest score ever she was pumped.:p

She did really decent bars. As some of you know this is amazing because at the 1st meet she was not even doing a giant!!! She is know and got a 8.75 and 9th place. So she was excited.

Then she worried about doing beam last she only needed a 8.35 to qualify for state.
She did a decent routine not perfect by any means but connected her series. She fell on her dismount:eek: of all the dumb things never has she done this. I think she relaxed a little too soon but who knows. She was sick all week it is amazing she did anything. Needless to say no 8.35 she was very sad.

We had the 2 hardest judges in the state on beam together never a good idea. We knew from the beginging of the meet if you want anything decent no falls on beam or your scores was doomed.

Oh well. She is very proud of her year she learned a giant (no problems now), got a decent clear hip, a series on beam she can do at Level 8. Over all she has grown most this year of any in confidence and skills.

She is sad about state but, 35 is a huge score!! Quiet a few teams go out of state to get this score for their kids.

I am proud of her and her teammates this is a hard spoort and our girls can do amazing things some kids only dream of it is easy to loose sight of this.

Thanks for the support and now she is pumped to get her tsuk, and a release move on bars!! She also really want her double full (is that what it is called??)

I'm glad she dreams big!! :cool:


Gold Membership
Feb 26, 2007
Your DD has had an amazing season, to conquer that giant fear was amazing and to end the season with that HUGE vault score is gobsmacking.

TO get this far in gymnastics is a huge achievment, we all know how many girls just don't make it this far.

35AA is nothing to be sneezed at, especially when you think how far she has come so quickly.

gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
I need to clarify DD's AA score was 34.5. MN State score is to qualify this year and last is 35. That is a huge score. I think!
Nov 5, 2007
35 is an awsome score.My daughter only made it once to 35 this season.To bad about state but from following your posts she has gained so much skills this year.
Gymnastics shure is a tough sport and only that 1-2 minute routine counts when they are in competition.A lot of people have no idea how hard these girls are working.
Congrates.Sounds like she rocked on vault.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
It sounds like you dd achieved many new skills this season and although she didn't qualify to States so is happy at what she has accomplished - which the #1 thing! Sounds like she is onto level 8 now with even more fun skills to learn - good for her!
Sep 8, 2007
She had a great last meet those scores where great!35 is a crazy qualifing score here in fl.I believe it is 33.for L7.She has worked very hard this season and should be very proud of herself .Sounds like now she can be focusing on next season L8 what a huge accomplishment!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
You are so right to celebrate all the positives and amazing things she has done this season. Conquering fears is HUGE!! She did great. Beam is so hard as it is, and then these girls get to know the tough judges and it can mess with your brain for sure.

Tell her she did great and best of luck at level 8!!! :D


Proud Parent
Sep 4, 2008
Dallas, TX
Wow a 35 to qualify... here you only need a 34. It's great she over came her fear of the giant this year. She will do great as a level 8!!! My DD just also finished her Level 7 season also and is so excited to be 8! They have lots of time to get those next skills!! :)


She had a fabulous meet! Saw her on the medal stand and thought for sure she'd qualified. Minnesota is a tough state to qualify at! I know last year many of our girls only made it when we went to Texas for a meet.

Looking forward to seeing you next year at level 8 :). We always seem to be at the same sessions!


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
a 34.5 is awsome!! but seriously...a 35 to qualify!! that is a HUGE score...here you only have to score a 32 for level 7 i think...i am only a level 6 so i am not sure!
and that is good that she got many new skills this season and good look to her in the future :)


Great Job gym monkey! I'm sorry to hear about not making it to states, but what a fantastic meet otherwise. Way to go!
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