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Hey just got some big news I'm dying to tell the world but am not allowed to. I'm our class's valedictorian. It was a tight race, so they wanted to keep it underwraps. They told the top 3 after 7 semesters by phone today. I was 3rd. My counselor said that 9 times out of 10, the person number 1 after 7 semesters is #1 after 8, and she's never seen the 3rd jump to 1st, but that's what I did. I was allowed to tell my family, and only a couple of my very closest friends because they like it to be a surpise. So instead I will share with all of you who will not be there tomorrow to find out and most likely do not know members of my graduating class to tell them. The friends I told (4 of them, including my boyfriend) were more excited than I was...2 of them were together so they called me on speaker phone (I had left a message with my friend's mom, just saying I had moved up 2 spots, hoping they would figure it out) and they told me they were gearing up to be my cheering section. And they will, too. They will be loud and I will be embarassed and my dad will cry, because he's the one handing me my diploma (he's on the schoolboard...it's his job).
Dec 8, 2007
Congratulations! Thats amazing!! At my school anyone who wants to can write a speech and then the schoolboard picks the best 2 speeches to be read as valedictorian and salutatorian. So even if you're number 300 out of 305 or whatever and you write a good speech you get to read it as valedictorian or salutatorian. I think you get recognized as valedictorian and salutatorian though.
And Congrats on graduating!!


Nice job, Gracefulone!

Our rankings are "locked" after 6 semesters (plus any HS classes the smart people take in MS). This is so we can claim a spot when we apply for colleges.

Of course, the computer doesn't know that the ranks lock after junior year, so after each quarter, it spits out a list of ranks for seniors that no one is supposed to see. Well one day I was sitting in my counselor's office alone waiting for her to come back from lunch....and I saw the 3rd quarter senior list hot off the press. Valedictorian was the same,, so were number 3, 5, 6 (me!), 7, and 8. But numbers 2 and 4 had switched places.

I'm good friends with (former) number 2, so I told him what I saw. He and number 4 don't get along very well. So he definitely made sure he rubbed it in that "you're now number 2 and you aren't getting any credit for it...haha". Gosh, we always have issues with our grading.
Sep 9, 2007
God, I'm glad we don't get graded! It's impossible to do that here because we rely totally on the exams. But we do have a dux, which is who has worked the hardest over the past year. I got it two years ago :)


Well thanks people. And Mike, that's very interesting.

I loved graduating. Except the processional on the way out...I couldn't get out of the gym. I got stopped by a million teachers, parents, all while one of my really good friends was waiting for me to catch up! lol And it was super hot.

Project graduation tonight wooohooo!
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